I would like to start off by apologizing for the late recap. Euphoric Ennui is having problems again so I'm hosting again until he can get back. So hope for the best with him. And I would like to apologize for the lateness because I thought he could host and I didn't get the memo until earlier today. So here's the recap.


Return of the Heartless by Blaze6106

I really enjoyed the Kingdom Hearts setting and Blaze did a fantastic job of immersing the reader into that world. The action sequences were very well written and was completely reminiscent of the actual game play. He also included a couple of GIO members into the story which always spices things up.


The King's Last Job by Caudex

This story places me as a smuggler of sorts into the Star Wars universe, which I love dearly. I'm delivering the package when I begin to attract some Jedi attention. The writing itself is great and full of humor and plenty of Star Wars lore. Not to mention the very good reference to the movies I caught immediately. As a fan of Star Wars I highly enjoyed  having an identity in the universe.


Banoi by DJH

Horror being DJH's "thing" I didn't expect any less then amazement after I read the title. His tale is one of a desperate fight of survival that places me a little to close to ground Zero. DJH shines with the dialogue between survivors and captures the desperateness and confusion that comes along with them. And not for for children, this tale doesn't shy away from the "messy" bits. Also the "interpret it yourself" ending is the icing on the cake.


Battle of Hu Loa Gate by Jolt

This story is set into the Dynasty Warriors setting, which I'm not to big a fan of, but that simply did not matter as I read it. Jolt does a fantastic job of capturing the "epic" aspect of the battle against the hordes....all falling dead to the sword. Also using legendary Lu Bu as my mentor in the story definitely added reletivity to the DW universe. All in all just a very well written piece of....dare I say....art.


Mortal King by Le Hannibal

This "silly" tale of my fight in the legendary Kombat Arena is full of slapstick humor, all though that's not a bad thing. As long as you don't take it seriously it is a very amusing story. All I will say is Hannibal......you should drink more often!


The Winner


The Battle of Hu Loa Gate by Jolt


I know I know..."he won 2 weeks ago" but I'm just being honest here. Jolt never ceases to amaze me with his writing and this story was no exception. As I said before it didn't matter that I'm not a fan of DW. I mostly enjoyed this piece because as I read it I could tell that Jolt also enjoyed writing it. When your really "into" what your writing it will show through and It definitely showed through to me....my only regret and I'm sure his as well is that he had to stop writing.....


*Stares at screen in awe*

We have our first double winner!? Okay people here's how this works. Now EE said that "Phase Two" would basically be if the GaMe the winner chose to win has won before, then if in the GaMe the person being gamified lived in the end, then all the entries would have to kill the person being gamified. If the winning blog was about the persons death, then all GaMe's would have to let the person live. So everyone gamifying Jolt, you will need to kill him the your next GaMe about him. Enjoy... Oh and you can find his profile here


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