Island of Banoi. The rapper Sam B. is performing on stage. A
young aspiring Rapper, King, is waiting just outside the concert.
Excited to meet his idol he paces back and forth, singing his
song to himself. Two girls watch from afar, just watching him. He
stops pacing as he see's them. His eyes open wide from
embarrassment. They start to approach him.

"No, Don't stop. You were good." One of them said. King just
smiles. "So you thought I was good then?" The other one
caresses his arm. "Well of course we did." King quickly looks her
over. "So you think Sam B. would be willing to listen to my song?"
She stops touching him and backs away. "You really want that
one hit wonder to listen to you? Please. Like anyone cares about
him anymore." She starts to walk away. She stops and turns
around to her friend. "Chrissy, Come on." Chrissy waves on to
her friend. "Nenja, I'll catch up with you later." Nenja rolls her
eyes and continues on.

Screams are heard in the background. King and Chrissy look at
each other. "Probably just some people screwin' together." King
said. He looks Chrissy over, noticing her butterfly tattoo on her
hip. She looks down at her tattoo then back at King. "You want to
go somewhere a bit more private? I'll show you my others. I'm in
the Diamond Bungalows. Great view from my place." He turns to
look at the concert area after hearing screams. "It's a concert,
people scream all the time." She said, annoyed.

People start running from the concert area. Chrissy watches in
horror as a man runs past her, holding his side, blood gushing
out. King grabs Chrissy's hand. "Lets go to the Bungalow now."
They start to back away from the crowd of people running. A
man stops right in front of them, just staring at them. He starts
running towards them, causing them to run in fear.

A man trips over a parasol laying on the sand. A group of
zombies surround him. King and Chrissy run past him as he
screams in pain. They look back at the chaos as they reach the
wooden walkway towards the Bungalows. A small group of
people reach them. "What is happening!?" The man asked,
holding a woman, bleeding, in his arms. "I don't know. We're
heading to her Bungalow, just follow us." King said, now leading
the group to the Bungalow.

They reach her bungalow, quickly getting inside. King looks at
the bungalow across from theirs. A woman is trying to shut a
door as a zombie is trying to get in. Just as King steps forward to
try to help her, it gets inside the building. He steps back inside
as he hears her scream. King slams the door shut as he notices a
couple of undead run in front of the bungalow. The man sets the
woman down on the bed and helps King prop the door.
Chrissy and the other two women help the wounded woman. The
other man has a terrified look on his face. King extends his arm
to shake hands with the one who helped prop the door. "I'm
King. That's Chrissy over there." He points to her as she waves
her hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Tom. This is Ben, Judy, Helen
and that's Karen on the bed." King looks at Karen. "What
happened to her?" Tom scratches his head. "She got bit by those"
He pauses. "Things." The both back away from the door after
hearing pounding.

"It's not going to hold. It's not going to hold! We're going to die!"
Ben starts yelling. "We're safer in here then we are out there!"
Chrissy yells at him. The entire group stares at the bathroom
door after hearing a strange noise. King grabs a baseball bat and
heads toward the door. He slowly opens the door, and turns the
light on. There is blood covering the entire bathroom. Judy runs
to the other side of the room after seeing the sight. She starts
coughing in a basket. King quickly slams the door after seeing a
huge hole in the wall.

The door to the closet slowly creeps open. Judy stares at the
zombie standing in the door. She shrieks as it bolts towards her.
Ben and Tom quickly pull it off of her, but not before it takes a
chunk of flesh out of her neck. King swings the bat at the
zombies head. He keep hitting it repeatedly until the head is no
more. Tom and Ben back up from where they were. King looks
over and Judy, who is now dead. The front door starts to open,
slowly as the zombies are pushing the couch and dressers away
from the door.

Chrissy, King, Tom and Helen try to push the door shut again.
Arms start to reach out of the gap. The door weakens, now
starting to break from the pounding. The top half break off
completely. The zombies grab Helen, trying to pull her through.
"Help me!" She screams as they grasp tighter. Ben just stands
there, holding his head, shouting "No, no, no, no!" Judy's eyes
open. She slowly gets up from the ground, focusing on Ben. She
grabs him, pulling him down to the ground. He screams in pain.

The door swings wide open, knocking the items and people
holding it, back. King and Chrissy head towards the Bathroom
after they horde swarms the room. King quickly scans the room
before entering the bathroom. The others are now engulfed in
the horde. Chrissy is looking through the hole in the wall, staring
at the water below. "Maybe we can swim away from here?" King
looks down at the water, seeing the wall floating  the water.
"Sounds good" She looks behind Kings and shrieks in fear after
seeing Karen. "Look out!" The zombified Karen pushes King out
the hole. He lands head first on the wall floating in the water,
knocking him out.

The sun shines brightly across the ocean. Seagulls flying in the
air. The wall floats across the water with King lying on it. He
starts to slowly wake up. He covers his eyes after seeing the
bright sun. He looks around him, seeing the Island in the
distance. He lays his head back down on the driftwood, giving 
a big sigh of relief. He starts relaxing as the driftwood just floats
out to sea. Arms reach out of the sea, pulling King and the
driftwood down under the water.


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