I would like to start off by saying that Euphoric Ennui is having trouble navigating the site  and posting blogs so he asked me if I would host GaMe this week. So on behalf of EE I am hosting it. So after a long absence things will get back to normal with the recap on Sundays. So here's the recap. (With some comments from the temp host today)


The Deep Roads Bounty by DJH


Jolt Says: Dragon Age is a favorite, so he gets points for that. Not only was this a blog, but before he wrote it, DJH asked questions. Things that you would decide at the beginning of a new game. You know, race, specialization, weapon of choice... it made me feel like I was starting a new playthrough in the game. He knows his stuff, too, because I enjoy the darker side of things. Death, that is, as far as video games are concerned. 

Personal Thoughts: What was this guy thinking!? I just... There are no words to describe this crap.


DC Universe by Le Hannibal

Jolt Says: Where to start... He wrote about superheroes, which wasn't entirely a surprise. I expected to be on the receiving end of a hero beating, not to be a hero. He somehow remembered me saying that The Flash was the only DC hero that I have ever liked. That, or he got lucky. It seems like a lot of work just for him to get to his ending and what my character professes, but if you are familiar with our relationship, then you know there are no limits to what we will endure to one-up the other. Point - Hannibal.

Personal Thoughts: O_o... You two and batman. I swear. But this might be my favorite of all of them so far.


Republic Commando by sorryjzargo

Jolt Says: Star Wars isn't my thing, but I enjoyed this GaMe. I was able to easily follow what was happening despite my lack of knowledge of the game. As a writer, I know that fight and action sequences are difficult to do. They are for me anyways. Jzargo did his splendidly, as it flowed perfectly with the narrative. I liked being impaled, even though it reminded me of the dreaded Husks from Mass Effect. As a whole, this was a steller GaMe.

Personal Thoughts: Was good as it included so many other member in it.


An Old Friend by xking595x

Jolt Says: San Andreas is my favorite GTA title to date. To be thrown into the setting was awesome. King did a superb job of duplicating the characters of CJ and Torino. The dialog between them could have come directly from the game. I also enjoyed the picture of the guy laying in blood; it's a sight I am very familiar with. The only negative is that I was left wanting more. In writing though, thats supposed to be a good thing.

Personal Thoughts :That was... hmm. interesting. I'm unfamiliar with GTA so heh. But he included pictures!


The Turian Who Killed A Reaper by Sora3Ben

Jolt Says: This one came out of nowhere. Ben got the relationship Hanna and I share dead on. He has in my favorite ME character, Kasumi Goto, and he put in my new catchphrase. For his first time out, he did really, really well. I can't wait to see him continue participating in the GaMe phenomenon.

Personal Thoughts: A nice play on Mass Effect. And he knew his audience having Jolts favorite character from the series.



                              The Winner


I'd first like to thank everybody who took the time to gamify me. It was truly an honor to be the focal point of your writing. It was fun, but I can't wait to get back to writing them rather than being in them.

This weeks winner is xking595x. I believe he should have won last week, not me. So, what does he do? He comes back and delivers the goods once again. Everything was right about his GaMe this week. He had the awesome game choice, the best characters from the game, a real game situation, and even the dialog could have come directly from San Andreas. By the end, I was so in to the piece that I was a little upset that it ended how and when it did. Hopefully he will continue the story in some way, shape, or form, because he knows his stuff. Good job buddy. I can't wait for my turn.


Congrats to king! So everyone go check out his profile here. So everyone be nice, or not...


As for you Jolt wear the badge, you deserve it.


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