Orzammar. The city of the dwarves. The infamous Mercenary Jolt walks through the streets of the underground city. He makes his way to the palace after being summoned by the King, Endrin Aeducan, himself. Jolt walks through the palace hallway and stops in front of the throne.

"Mister Jolt. You have quit the reputation." King Endrin speaks.

"And so do you. Why did you summon me?" Jolt snarked.

"A group of humans recently came into the city, seeking out the Deep Roads. The got in, but have not returned. I want you and your crew to retrieve them. One of them has a bounty on him and we agreed to help the Templars out and retrieve him. Dead Or Alive." The king said.

"Templars... I'm after a mage? Fine. But I don't come free."Jolt said with curiosity. The King raised his eyebrow and nodded.

Jolt is walking through the deep roads with his crew. In his crew is Kreit Ordessan, a dwarven rougue. He is responsible for all the major heists that occur in Orzammar. But no one still living can prove his guilt.

There is also Kassai "Kass" Ordessan, Kreits little sister. She is known for being the best archer in all of Orzammar when she took down an ogre with one arrow after a rogue hunt in the Deep Roads.

And Breik, Jolts longtime friend. He is only known for being friends with Jolt. As far anyone if concerned, he's utterly useless other than comic releif.

They follow the trail of footprints left from the humans. From afar they see a giant statue of a dwarf. The also see a pool of blood laying in front of the statue.

"Well, looks like one of them got it. Deep Stalkers maybe?" Breik asks.

"I haven't seen any traces of them for awhile. We're fairly close to darkspawn territory. They never get too close to darkspawn. Let's take a closer look" Kass said, already beginning to climb down the overlook.

They approach the giant statue, revealing more blood. Jolt stands, looking at the statue. Kreit looks at him confused about his fascination on the statue. Breik jumps when he hears something skitter above them. They all ready their weapons after hearing a blast in the distance. Jolt, Kreit and Kass run towards the blast. Breik stays where he is after being spooked by the noise. He takes a step forward, then something grabs him  from behind, pulling him into the crevice

" I knew it. Darkspawn" Kass said readying her bow after seeing the mix of darkspawn and human corpses.

Kreit looks behind them, noticing Breiks absence. "Where's that moron gotten to now?" he asks angrily.

The ground starts shaking. They notice an ogre coming from the distance. It gives off a loud roar and starts charging for them. A large blast of ice appears in front of the beast. They have shock in their faces after the ogre had been turned to ice.

"Do you have a death wish?" Milla, an elderly mage asked, appearing out if nowhere.

"Are you the mage the apostates are after?" Jolt asked, still holding his Diamond Maul, ready to strike.

She folds her arms and looks at him in disgust "Dwarf, put your weapon away. We need to work together to escape. The darkspawn are more organised then I have ever seen. If I'm right their Broodmother has developed more than she should have. We kill her, they might be disorganised long enough for us to get out."

Jolt keeps staring at her, only thinking about his bounty. Milla raises her eyebrow, wondering what he's going to do. He eventually holsters his weapon. Kass looks at him in shock. "You can't seriously be trusting her?"

They all look at the area where they came from, seeing an army of darkspawn coming towards them. Milla grabs her staff. " There's an abandoned Thaig just around the corner. I suggest we head there and get a little more,acquainted"

Kreit gasps as an arrow goes through his back. "NO!" Kass yells, starting to shoot back at the darkspawn. Jolt grabs his friend and starts following Milla towards the Thaig.

"Put me" Kreit stops, coughing up blood. "Put me down" Jolt lays him down on the ground. "Do you. Do you remember how I got you that Maul of yours?" Kreit asks. Jolt stares at his dying friend. "You stole it, right out of the Kings chamber" Kreit starts laughing, coughing up even more blood. "Kass. There's about two hundred sovereign worth of goods in a trap door in my room. Sell it and take care of yourself" He starts convulsing. He finally stops. Jolt puts his head onto his chest. "Kreit. I'm sorry"

Jolt, Kass, and the newly added Milla are walking through a strange part of the Thaig. The walks are covered in some sort of webbing. Jolt and Milla are still walking, while Kass stops. She readies her bow and points it toward Milla. They both stop and stare at Kass.

"What are you doing?" Jolt asked,shocked to see what she was doing. "It's because of this witch that Breik and Kreit are dead! Screw the bounty, I want her head on a pike." She responded furiously. "Kassai, I'm so sorry for this" Jolt said sadly.  She looks at him confused. She then shrieks as a corrupted spiders leg bursts out of her chest. The spider throws her aside, running toward Jolt and Milla. Milla shoots a thunder bolt at the spider, obliterating it. Jolt looks as Kass, shuts his eyes, and shakes his head.

They are walking through a cavern which is completely engulfed in the webbing. "Why are Templars after you?" Jolt asked. She looks at him confused. "A pupil of mine was accused of dabbling in blood magic. He was a special boy that didn't deserve to be accused of something he had nothing to do with. I helped him escape the Tower. I didn't want to leave him, but I felt it best to attract the attention of the Templars whilst he goes off to live his life." Jolt just stares at her. "He was more than a pupil, wasn't he?" Milla closes her eyes and turns away from Jolt. She starts to walk further into the tunnel. "Yes"

They make it out of the tunnel into a large cavern. They both gasp in horror as they stood in front of a Brood Mother. It wakes up from it's slumber and stares at them. They both have fear in their eyes, never seeing anything like this before. It shrieks, raising it's tentacles out of the ground. Milla shoots a thunder bolt at the Mother. It rubs the bolt off, without a scratch on her. "Andraste's Grace" Milla said as a tentacle sends her flying into the dark abyss below. Jolt panics as the tentacle grabs him and brings him closer to the Brood Mother. She starts to smile.


A group of Genlocks are patrolling the Deep Roads. Trying to find the brave dwarves hunting them. One of the Genlocks unsheathes his Diamond Maul, ready for a kill.


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