Cortana: "We're coming in too fast!"

The Bumblebee flies over a cliff, trailing smoke. The Chief watches from inside as the craft heads towards the ground at an alarming rate.

Bumblebee Pilot: "Air brake failure! They blew too early! I'm losin' her. Brace for impact!"

A violent crash is heard. Fade to white.

Cortana: "Chief? Chief! Can you hear me? At last! Are you alright? Can you move?"

Chief exits the life pod

Cortana: (quietly) "The others...the impact. There's nothing we can do."

Chief notices that there is an extra helmet laying on the ground. He scans the area to see if there was another survivor. He See's nothing. Chief picks up the helmet with the name TGC on it, he takes the video chip out of it, and inserts it into his helmet.

>OPEN RECORD VIEW [2552.9.19.12:01:27 T]

>Pvt. TGC

[The ship is under attack by Covenant forces. The ships crew is frantically trying to escape]

Pvt. TGC: "Guys come on! We've got to get to the escape pods before the ship goes down."

Pvt. Hannibal: "That or we get butchered by Covenant"

Dr. Jolt: "Well that's a cheery thought Hannibal. I guess that's why we call you Hannibal."

Pvt. Hannibal: "You call me Hannibal because that's my name!"

Pvt. TGC: Would you two quit bickering. I swear I've wanted to shoot both of you ever since you started that argument over Batman!"

[Hannibal and Jolt look at each other, then back at TGC. Chris starts crackling at the joke.]

Sgt. Chris: "That was a dumb argument guys."

[Everyone readies their guns after hearing shuffling of feet in the corridor next to them]

Ensign. Prince: "Don't shoot! I'm unarmed and injured! ack. Help!"



[An explosion takes out several covenant and a few humans. They are scattering away from the fire, now engulfing the room]

Ensign. Prince: "Into the maintenance tunnels!"

[The group makes it into the tunnels, sealing the door behind them so no covenant can't get in. They follow Chris, leading the way through the tunnels.]

Pvt. Hannibal: "TGC did you ever tell us what your actual name is?"

Pvt. TGC: "No I didn't"

Sgt. Chris: "Well?"

Pvt. TGC: "Well what?"

Sgt. Chris: "Well are you going to tell them, or should I?"

[An Elite steps forward in front of the group, taking Chris out. Hannibal and TGC fill it with bullets. Jolt rushes over to Chris, he shakes his head.]

Dr. Jolt: "He's gone"



[The small group is running through the mess hall of the ship. Covenant right behind them. They run through a door, entering the hallway to try to get to the escape pod. A Hunter starts running towards them]

Pvt. Hannibal: "Holy s"

[Blood splattered the wall he was standing next to. Everyone kept firing at the Hunter trying to take it down.]

Ensign. Prince: "It won't go down easy, just keep running!"

[Prince and Jolt both run past the hunter. it focuses it's attention on them, starting up it's weapon. TGC throws a grenade at it. It blows up, taking the hunter with it.]



[They are walking through a small dark hallway]

Pvt. TGC: "Have you ever heard of a game called Pokemon?"

[Both Jolt and Prince look at each other with confusion]

Pvt. TGC: "My name is the initials of my favorite Pokemon, Cubone. My name on the game would always be The Great Cubone, so TGC for short. I never liked my real name, so I went with this and it stuck."



[The group makes it to the escape pods, they try to enter one]

Ship pilot: "Sorry, only two more can fit on this pod."

Pvt. TGC: "I'll take the next one, just go."

[The door to the shuttle closes. It launches. TGC watches it as it heads toward the big ring thing. He heads to the next Pod, feeling secure his friends made it.]

Pilot: "Welcome aboard, take the final seat."

[Master chief walks aboard the ship]



[The helmet cam is staring into the distance. Nothing is seen, not even the missing owner]

A covenant drop ship hovers ahead, Chief throws the helmet aside and heads on.


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