"Day... God.... I don't even know how long it's been since this sh** started. Damn that splicer for burning my book. This has barely kept sane for this long. Everything is going to kill everybody down here."

The part of the journal Jack could read. He looks at the burnt front of the
book. He makes out the words "Diary Of Le Hannibal" He returns to the
page where he left off. After looking at some beautiful pictures realises that
this "Le Hannibal" was a photographer before this mess. He turns to the
page that wasn't burnt and continues reading...

Page 9

"Ran into Marybeth. I thought the poor girl would have died early on. But no... she...she was one of them. The cute nurse that was always so nice...tried to kill me. She actually tried to kill me! I... I put this wrench into her skull. It...went in so easily. All I wanted was to try to find some bandages to cover this wound. Oh what has Rapture come too..."

"Well this was a complete shock. I ran into my old "frenemy" Jolt today. I
knew he was a Splicer but... ugh I never wanted that to happen to him. The
idiot actually jumped into the pool of electricity to try to reach me. The poor
guy never stood a chance. I mean... I never wanted that... R.I.P..."

Jack looks at the photograph of a Splicer being electrified. This must be Jolt.

Page 10

"It's... so quiet. This is what limbo must be like. I have not seen anyone...
anything for hours. I have no clue what's going on in this sector, hell I don't
even know what this part is called. I don't think I want to know. The journey
from here to the Market will be difficult."

Page 11

"Holy sh**! I ran into one of those mutated kids... What the hell happened to
those poor girls. I-I tried to talk to it...her! I tried to talk to her! She
screamed and... and... A Big Daddy came. It... I've crawled into one of those
secret rooms. I'm going to wait it out. Hopefully I can stay quiet long
enough for it to move far, far away. Tomorrow I wi..."

There is too much blood on the page to make out what it says.

Page 12

"Arg! These splicers are all over the place. I couldn't make it to the
Bathysphere. I had to turn back. I can't figure out any other way to make it. I
have to...need to make it one last time before I pass away. I just have to,
even if I have to swim there!"

"HA! That's right! I made it into the Bathysphere! Now I just... Oh give me a
break. No, no oh no why is there a crack in the window..."

Jack tries to make out what it says. He skips a couple of pages because of
water damage to the book.

Page 16

"Made it! I made it to the Market! I never though it would happen. The
things I have gone through to get here. I swore to myself before I die that I
needed to taste the Arcadia Merlot one more time. Now the hard part is
trying to find it."

"Man the owner was crazy paranoid before this chaos started. There are
turrets and security cameras everywhere. I wonder if the crazy old coot is
still alive. Probably not. Oh I hope not. I highly doubt any splicers have made
it down there alive because of security. Now lets see about hacking those


Blood covers the page. Jack tries to make out as much as he can.

"Got in my way. Man i've us..."

"So many of them. So much death... But I have tasted the Arcadia Merlot one
last time. Oh it tastes so good. Bees knees man...

"These splicers may be crazy, but they still talk. On my way here I hear..."

"So I must Find him. He knows a way. He must know a way out of here.
There is alwa..."

Page 18

"Man I am good. Found a dead person. It almost looked like Bruce, Lee? Ah I
can't remember his name. But I found an awesome weapon. Some kind of
chemical thrower. How have I lived this long with this stupid wrench? And I
hit the jackpot with medicine. Popped some pills and patched myself up. I'm
good to go! Shaun! It was Shaun! I believe that was Shaun of the dead I
found back there... wait no that's not right either. Damn pills messing with
my head... Well thanks... dead guy!"

Page 19

"I made it. Man security is tight. But I have to find him. He is the last person
I should...can trust. But hopefully he still has some sanity left in him. I must
find Sander Cohen!"

Blood covers this page too. Jack can only make out the last few sentences in
the diary.

"The... the pain. The pain hurts. He...He tried to add me to his collection.
The sick freak! I've got to....I've got to find a way out of here. I can't become
on of those poor souls ou"

The writing ends with a bloody hand print on the final page. Jack looks up to
the Statue where he found the book. The statue.... the statue...






What GaMe is Here

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