In the late evening, floating across The Capital Wasteland we see aMister Handy robot. It stops right in front of a dead wastelander. He is dressed in some sort of armor.It has the name Williams across the chest. 

A baseball bat hits the Robot.

It powers up in some room with the Words, District Nine on the wall. A strange formally dressed man walked in front of the Misty Handy.

"What is your unit number?" The Formal Man asked.

"Prototype: RE Number 67-53846. But the previous master called me N7-KEVIN" the unit replied.

The Formal Man hands N7 a tray and says " Congratulations robot, you are my new server."

Several weeks pass, N7 enduring the Formal Mans brutality day after day. The unit finally decides to escape. Tossing the tray aside, and setting the Formal Man on fire, it heads through a door.

It comes across a long and strange vehicle. The unit enters and starts it up.

After a few hours of non-stop motion from the vehicle, it comes to an abrupt, crashing stop. N7 floats out of the wrecked vehicle, to reveal a dark and dreary swamp.

N7 floats across the swamp, avoiding detection of the nearby feral ghouls. After some rustling in the nearby bushes, N7 readies the flamethrower. A Tracker emerges from the bushes. N7 sets it aflame and floats away.

After a few minutes of "running" it emerges on a boardwalk. In the distance it can see the Duchess Gambit. N7 comes aboard the Gambit and meets Nadine.

"Who ar- I'm sorry, what are you?" Nadine, the owner asks.

"Greetings, I am 67-53846 or N7-KEVIN" N7 replies.

 She looks the unit over, observing the scars on it. "So how long have you been active?" Nadine asked.

"13 years" N7 replied

"OK N7. Goin' anywhere particular" She asked.

"Anywhere far away from this..." N7 stops to find a word.

"It's a swamp, but I like to call it hell. Well, since I believe you don't have any caps I'll take you back to the wastes for free. You look like you have been through hell." Nadine said comfortingly.

Half a month passes, the Duchess Gambit breaks down in some Industrial part of the wastes.

"Well, I'm not fixing this any time soon."

"Very well. I shall take my leave" N7 said.

N7 leaves the Gambit to venture off into this newly discovered location.

After looking around this industrial hell, N7 decides to find a way out. Backtracking to find the Gambit, it runs into a Trog.

Unknowing on what to do with this thing N7 torches it and runs away.

It comes across a small camp full of escaped slaves. They all stop are stare at N7.

"w-w-why are you here" A small elderly man asked.

"Greetings, I am N7 as previous employers have called me. I am trying to find a safe place to power down" N7 replied humbly.

"Well y-y-you won't find it here. It's an all out clash of the titans between t-t-the slavers and slaves. We barely got out alive. I s-s-suggest you keep goin'.

"I am unfamiliar with that phrase. But very well. Have a good day. Try not to die." N7 said, floating away.

After avoiding more trogs, and discovering a Wildman camp, the worn out unit finds a Train yard. It enters the tunnel and travels, not looking back.

A few hours have passed, the unit emerges from a train tunnel arriving safely back into the Capital Wasteland. It heads out, yet again.

It arrives a the Greener Pastures Disposal Site. It catches a strange radio signal coming from nearby.

It follows the signal to some sort of crash site. A man walks up from the crashed ship.

"Dammed vikings, army men, cowboys and aliens. Just give me a fu*** break." The Mysterious Stranger mumbled, walking past N7

"Acknowledged" N7 said.

It continued past the site, knowing it would not end good.

After a few more hours of wandering it notices some sort of greenish substance atop of a hill. It follows a trail leading to a small settlement, full of trees. The locals took kindly to the worn out robot, so he decided to reside there.



So that's my rushed through GaMe for this week. N7Kevin I really am sorry. I didn't have that much time to write a blog. If some reading don't know what GaMe is follow this link. If you endured this crap I made in a half hour, sorry, I'm so, so sorry.