I've been trying to get into blogging. So I'm going to ease my way into it with a top # list while working on the other blogs. I always like seeing these kinds of lists so I decided to do one of my own. So I'm starting with a top 25 main characters list. So here are my top 25 Main Characters.
*note* the character descriptions are not great, I know.

25. Francis York Morgan (Deadly Premonition)

This city living FBI agent gets sent to a strange small town for a case. He is one of the more peculiar people in the game. From his strange obsession with coffee to his ramblings with the unknown Zach, he is an interesting main character. There's something about him that I like

24. Sgt. Wilhelmina "Billie" Church (Clive Barker's Jericho)

From her blood mage abilities to the bada** sword she carries, she was one of the more interesting characters in the game. While she is not the main character, you can control her at any point during the game.

23. Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

This space engineer just can't catch a break. From being the only survivor of the Ishimura to escaping a necromorph infested asylum along with losing his wife, he just wanted to do his job.

22. Naughty (Naughty Bear)

This tattered down bear is just tired of being constantly belittled, ostracized, and hunted down by all the other bears. So he instead kills them! It's something about playing as a homicidal teddy bear that makes me like playing this game.

21. Captain Olimar (Pikmin)

While of vacation this unfortunate soul crashes on an unknown planet and must enlist the aid of small creatures to help him rebuild his ship before he runs out of oxygen.

20. Rubi Malone (WET)

One of the most capable problem "fixers", she will do any job for the right price. From the great looks, skill with any gun, and her acrobatic abilities, she is one of the most capable females in gaming. Two words. Eliza. Dushku.

19. Monkey (Enslaved)

This loner tries to escape from the cell that was holding him and succeeds, but then gets a slave collar around his neck from a girl forcing him to help her. Now you have got to feel sorry for this guy.

18. Master Chief (Halo)

This soldier is just doing his job. Being woken up suddenly on a crashing ship, he gets forced into a war. After three games of fighting covenant and surviving the Flood, he has been through it all.

17. Overlord (Overlord)

He destroys cities, enslaves people, destroys races, fights unicorns?, and controls the Minions. This guy just wants to rule, be the ultimate overlord. Can you Blame Him?

16. Corin Dreth *AKA* The Prisoner (TES:Oblivion)

This person is in a prison for an unknown reason and wants their freedom. He then escape and sets out to do whatever they want. Close gates to hell, kill some people for the brotherhood, or fight some wildlife.

15. Carmack *AKA* The Courier (Fallout:New Vegas)

This courier was just doing their job delivering packages throughout the Wasteland until they have to deliver a package and gets shot in the face. Then he sets out to find the package and deliver it. Poor courier...

14. Bill (Left 4 dead)

This guy was a Vietnam Veteran, he survived hell in the army, but alas he now has to survive a freaking zombie apocalypse. This like able old guy is a real fan favorite in Left 4 dead

13. Oliver *AKA* Lone Wanderer (Fallout 3)

This person lives the perfect life in the Vault with their dad. Until he decides to leave to help the devastated Capital Wasteland outside. He is then thrown out into the harsh wastes to find dear old dad, surviving against the horrid raiders, or the scary as hell Deathclaws. Poor kid.

12. Hawke (Dragon Age II)

Hawke is a like able person just trying to save the family. Being forced to do things just for their family is a real pain, from going underground to working with eccentric characters just to make a living.

11. Agent 47 (Hitman)

This guy is just doing his job. He gets an order to kill someone and he has fun killing them in some creative ways, or starting a brutal massacre. He is a loyal agent no matter what.

10. Mario (any Nintendo Mario game)

This little plumber has a hard life. He travels across the Mushroom Kingdom to save Peach, over and over again. He goes on vacation with her, has to save her. He even goes into outer space to save her. You have to give him credit, he's a dedicated little man.

9. Ellis (Left 4 Dead 2)

This open, friendly, inclusive, and highly optimistic young country boy is an awesome person to kill zombies with. I'm pretty sure when the actual thing comes, we will want an Ellis with us.

8. Revan (Star Wars Knights of The Old republic)

This character woke up on a crashing ship and is forced into a war between the Sith and Republic. Over the course you become a Jedi and choose between the Jedi and the sith. Amazing character to an amazing game.

7. Banjo (Banjo-Kazooie)

How can you not love a bear with a bird in his backpack trying to bring down an evil witch who kidnapped your sister. C'mon!

6. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

This space marine gets assigned to do a drop on a planet, then being sucked in to become the leader in a war between Geth, Collectors, and Reapers. This person has the best ship and crew in the galaxy.

5. Collin Dreth *AKA* Dragonborn (TES:Skyrim)

He is being transported to get beheaded, then just when the ax is about to come down a dragon attacks. He is then sent into a war between the Empire and Rebels, while surviving a Dragon infestation in the lands.

4. Aiden *AKA* The Warden (Dragon Age:Origins)

The Warden can come from one of many different backgrounds. The choices are many, but whatever you choose you become the leader in a war between the entire Land against the Blight.

3. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

This upbeat, simple mined teen is chosen as the keyblade holder. he then must set out to fight the heartless, home world destroyed and friends missing.

2. Frank West (Dead Rising)

This freelance photographer has covered wars, but never guesses in the small town of Whillamette he would be covering a zombie apocalypse. Sucks to be him.

1. Crypto (Destroy All Humans!)


This Furon Warrior gets shot down and is now trapped on Earth. Only problem is he hates all humans. So he sets out to destroy all of them in fun ways. How can you not like this guy?

That's my top 25 favorite main characters. Agree/disagree with my choices?