So for each and every gamer there is a game from their past that they would love to revisit, and in some cases games that they would like to be able to play throughout their lifetime.  As of late features from services such as XBLA and PSN have begun to offer gamers a chance to do this with some classics. 

The question is, what games do we feel have been overlooked?  What would you love to see revamped in HD and brought to your console and purrrrtty new TV?


My answer to said question is Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2.  This is the one game that I had gone through the single player campaign at least twenty times plus in my lifetime, and this is also the first game that really introduced multiplayer to me over the internet.



Wielding the simple, yet nice variety of force powers the game offered in multiplayer proved to be quite freaking enjoyable.  Plus, saber battles were one thing; plain and simple…EPIC.  Clashing blades mid air with other actual players was a habit that effectively planted the gamer seed in my bloodstream for life.  

The force trees were laid out very well, and offered great variety and customization to your character online, and though with such extreme things as these powers in the hands of the player screams OP potential, it played out in quite a surprisingly balanced manner.  There were not groups of people specing one, and only one specific way.  Everyone had their specs fine tuned for their play style, and it *** rocked.


This is a dream I realize will most likely never come to pass, but I shall forever wish for the resurrection of this title.


What do you want to see brought back from its pixilated grave?  Talk to me about your necromantic fantasies.