I finally picked up the Borderlands DLC; Zombie Island and I got to say, it made for quite the satisfying night. 


This DLC is rather short in content, as the main quest line could probably be played through in about an hour or two if you ignore side quests.  However, if you are purchasing this DLC, i am guessing you enjoyed Borderlands; therefore I would also assume the main quest line is not your driving force.  There is a good chunk of side missions to complete, and comical tid-bits to stumble upon in the world.  Plus, the environments are sprawling and strike a great contrast to that of which we are used to in the Borderlands universe.  A new area to grind weapons cannot be frowned upon fellow Vault hunters, not one bit.


There are a few things I must say were a bit disappointing with this DLC however.  First of which, the  'Bad Ass/Bad Mutha' enemies on the zombie island are surprisingly sparse, leaving the difficulty level of this DLC as anything but.  Also, there are only a couple of the enemies, from what I have seen that actually are capable of getting said tag/buff.  With that said, if you are leveled up past your first play through of the game, I recommend playing the DLC only on your second play through file, as zombies without any sort of need of survival is plain silly, right?


Also I was hoping that they would introduce a new level cap to the game in DLC, however it appears that they do not plain on doing such as it was not implemented this time around.  I feel that upping the level cap through DLC would up the replay value of this far past what a couple hours long new quest line here and there will.  Borderlands was such a great experience, and brought back that grinding addiction, so in that respect I simply do not understand why they would not expand upon that aspect of the game.


All in all, this bit of DLC was well worth the purchase for me as I will enjoy harvesting brains for an old friend over and over on all of my characters, and I feel a large part of the Borderlands community will enjoy the material as well, I just feel Gearbox missed a mark here by not upping the level cap, which would of given the game and DLC much more longevity.