Uncharted 4 Wishlist

Few details have surfaced about Naughty Dog’s return to Uncharted. With the recent departure of series-runner Amy Hennig, the fate of the critically acclaimed series has been stuck on the minds of thousands of gamers. In this feature, we talk about what we would like to see in the next Uncharted.

Bigger and Badass-er Set Pieces

When it comes to set piece moments, Uncharted never disappoints. From fighting a helicopter on a rampaging train in the Himalayas to sinking a freighter to crashing and parachuting out of a transport plane, Nathan Drake doesn’t seem to want to stop nearly killing himself – but we’re not complaining.

With the new PlayStation 4 hardware, Naughty Dog has the potential to make Uncharted 4 one of the prettiest and most destructive games yet. They have all the potential to have Nate destroy anything and everything in spectacular fashion. With their reputation, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

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One Off Enemy Encounters

One of the biggest gripes many had with Uncharted 3 was the introduction of “heavy” melee encounters in which a gargantuan man fights Nate hand to hand for a minute or two. The sequence fit in the beginning of the game, but each other encounter, of which there were maybe four or five more, felt unnecessary, as though Naughty Dog just needed to fill some time or give the player something else to do.

A lot of the combat in Uncharted can get fairly samey after a while. While there’s no getting around having to shoot countless enemy grunts as the journey progresses, throwing in a few one off big fights would keep the gameplay fresh. Uncharted 2 managed to hit this formula fairy well with a boss encounter on the train, the fights with the yeti monsters, and the final boss encounter at the end of the game. More of these would be great.

Utilize the Cast More

Uncharted’s greatest assets aren’t limited solely to Nate and the story components. The characters he has met along the way, Elena, Chloe, Cutter, and Flynn, provide more depth to an otherwise essentially flawless character. Uncharted 2 did a great job of making Nate’s interactions with the supporting cast feel natural.Uncharted 3 shifted the focus directly onto Nate and Sully’s relationship, however, resulting in the rest of the cast feeling tacked on through their brief encounters. Uncharted 4 needs to give all of the excellent characters a reasonable amount of story emphasis and screen time.


Finish Nate’s Story

The story of Uncharted has always been about Nathan Drake finding lost cities or discovering forgotten relics, but, especially in Uncharted 3, an overlaying plot surrounding Nate and his ancestry was introduced. It produced a lot of questions that were never answered or addressed in Uncharted 3. It would certainly be preferred if Naughty Dog would focus on the adventure and treasure hunting aspect of Uncharted as well as Nate’s story with the same fervor, but most likely the focus of Uncharted 4 will lay with Nate uncovering his past.

What do you want to see in Uncharted 4?

This feature was originally published by gamers-association.com