Hey, GIO, this is Dima from the Game Crits. We're a small group of friends trying to enter into the world of video game journalism. We're working on building a website and whatnot but currently I post some of my work here on my Game Informer blog which you can check out right here. I would greatly appreciate it if you checked out some of my work and leave some feedback :)

We also have a YouTube channel right here! We're fairly new and far from perfect, so constructive criticism is very appreciated. 

We have a lot of segments, ranging from funny to serious. This one is a bit in between and we call it "Throwback Thursday" where we take a look at games from the past. In the video you will be joined by me (Dima) and my good friends Brent and Justin as we take a look at the classic multiplayer game "Star Wars: Battlefront II".

For reference, this segment is pretty similar to "Replay", except we're all Dan. We hope you enjoy the video which you can find here or down below. Thank you once again for checking us out!