Another day, another adventure. Whenever I play a game, be it RPG, FPS, or adventure, I always pay close attention to the story. Like any other game I play, it always begins at the end of one playthrough. I watch(or skip) the credits and wait for the game to reload the main menu. If the game prompts me to save, then I'll do so. This is do to the fact of a possible " New Game +" option, but instead of turning off the game, I select the "load game" option, and erase my save data. In that instant, all my progress to the end of the game are erased. Instead of turning off the game or selectiong a harder difficulty, I create a new profile, select a diificulty or new game + option, and start from scratch. My last adventure came to an I waste no time in starting another one, thus beginning another playthrough.






 Multiple playthroughs is something that I have always done as gamer. Something that I sometimes took pride in when a game really strikes a chord with me. For as long I remembered, from the arcades to the comfort of my home consoles, I always played my games more than once.  If it wasn't playing the first MArio Bros on NES, it was trying to collect every single chaos emerald in Sonic 2. Despite what most people think, I have my reasons for playing a single games so many times. I mostly keep what I felt for a game to myself, but when it comes to playthroughs, there are some games I can't get enough off. And that has led me to playing certain games until the discs went bald....





 Forget Resident evil: Operation Raccon city or RE6. Even though those games are must plays for me, they won't get as much attention, let alone playthroughs, that I have given to Resident evil 3:Nemesis, which is possibly my most favorite Resident evil game off all time.

 When I had the game on PS1, I played it nonestop. That CD almost never left my PS1, until a tragic day when someone stole my copy. I was able to get over it, by my yearning to escape Raccoon city once more got the better of me. I knew all to well that my only chance of playing the game again was to track down a Gamecube copy. So I picked up the phone, called my dad, and asked him to see if he could track down a copy, which he did. The game arrived in the mail 2 weeks later, and I wasted no time in jumping into my next attempt to escape the infested city once more.

 While everyone was celebrating New Years, I was hard at work in the mercenaries, unlocking unlimited guns for the next time I played. Not even the hard mode was safe from me, which I passed like nothing.

 Hours went by and days passed as I played the game over and over again. I got so good at the game that I literally ran circles around Nemesis, making him look like a fool as I gunned him down with my shotgun , and even then I kept playing the game.

 There was nothing I didn't know about the game. I located all the files, every piece of ammo,herb,gun...nothing was safe, I had the game memorized from top to bottom. And it was that obsession that led me to passing the game more than 200 times. even though I gave alot of games multiple playthroughs, none have ever come close to Resident evil 3, which is the ONLY game I will ever be able to pass that much...and keep on playing.







Ahhhhh...Okami. Where do I begin with you...The water-color style graphics, The Legend of Zelda Style gameplay, or the heart wrenching story, Okami is one of the games I'm proud to have been able to experience.

 If you talk to any gamer who's play this game, there will not be one who won't tell you to play this game. Before I had the chance to play this game, I was trying to track it down. The irony was that every time it DID turn up, I didn't have the money to buy it. But one day, I went to a friends house like I always do.  During my stay, we played the usual round of games we always played.

 A couple hours in, he took out Okami and handed it to me. Saying that he did not want the game any more, he gave it to me. I was shocked and shaking with excitement, now was my chance to experience what I call one of the games you must play as a gamer.

The game has SOME Zelda traits, like the life bar, but the game was very unique to me. Combining Japanese style music with a awesome story, Okami was a smash hit with me the moment I put the disc into my PS2, which led to more than 4 playthroughs( I'm currently on my fifth or sixth)

 Even after finishing the game, I wasted no time in jumping into another adventure with Amaterasu and Issun. My first playthrough took me over a week, mostly due to the fact that I was doing side quests. But the finally, as well as other factors, led to ths game being more than a favorite for me. Which led to me buying the game on Wii when I bought it.

 Even though Okami failed on the market, I can't recommend this game enough to any gamer. Okami shows that games can be art and have a touching story combined with great gameplay. Just like Shadow of the colossus and Ico before it......








Awwwww yeah. Even though I had a great time playing Ocarina of time, nothing could have prepared me for my next adventure into the lands of Hyrule, or what I was going to expect. Still playing a bit of catch up with the Zelda series, I asked my friend to lend me the Ocarina of Time/ MAster Quest combo on Gamecube.

 Even though I was motivated in playing the game, I was thinking about Twilight Princess. I wanted to play this game first, but I had ti finish Ocarina of time in order to do so. This led to me marathon gaming the heck out of Ocarina in an effort to finish the game as quickly as possible( I even passed the water temple in under an hour on my first playthrough).

I was overjoyed when I finished Ocarina. Even though Ocarina is a phenominal game, I wanted Twilight Princess. After giving my friend back his game, he lent me Twilight princess. I think the only thing he saw after he handed me the game was my smoke silohuette as I bolted home to play faster than Speedy Gonzalez hyped up on Red bull and Cyclone energy drinks.

 After getting home, I popped in the game and begun. Twilight princess was a little slow at the start, but my efforts were repaid when the game got a head of steam and Midna was finally introduced.

 Making my way through the fields of hyrule were a treat and the dungeons were a blast to play. Everything about the game was just magnificent: the soundtrack, the graphics, gameplay, and story all contributed to a game that I hold in high regard. Ocarina of time is great, but Twilight princess in my most favorite Zelda game of all time.

 At the end of the day, I played through Twilight princess 8 times(currently on my 9th). That's seven times on my GAmecube and once on my Wii.

It also a mention that Midna has become my favorite character, even more than Sonic and Link. No to mention she is one of my most drawn characters....Go figure.


 I could go on and on about different games that I played more than once, but I have other thing to talk about now. Even though I love to enjoy my games more than once, not everyone views this the same way as I do. And this has led to some rather wierd and bothersome moments.


 Every time I play a game, I take into account on how well the stroy mode is. How well did it affect me? Is the soundtrack engaging and fit well with a certain type of situation? Is the character development good enough that I start to care for the characters?

 All these facts are what decides if I'm gonna play a game over again.  Games like Indigo Prophecy have strong storys and believable characters. But theres very little reason to play the game over once you finish it.

 But that's not what bothers me... What bothers me is the attitude some people take when I tell them that I"m still playing said game. They look at me and ask: You finished that game already! Why are you still playing that game?






                                                           What kind of question is that?!


Midnas expression mirrors mine whenever I'm asked such a question. Not only because it's a pretty dumb question, but also because the answer is so obvious: Because I loved the game. Whenever I play a game multiple times, it's because I loved the game. Sometimes I might play again to finish unlocking extra features or to play on a harder difficulty( a bit rare), but I always play again because the game struck a chord with me.

A game, in my opinion, is not a throwaway experience. I can't play a game just once and shelve it. Not when the story nearly made me cry, or when it threw curveballs at me that I did not expect. There are times when I finish the game and want to do it all over again. That means that the game was just that dang good.

 Games, by their very nature, are meant to be played. And I should have the right to play a game as long as I want, and as many times as I want. It's no different when I listen to a song over and over again or watch a movie more than once. Sometimes there are moment in games that I want to live over and over again. And I shouldn't be criticized for it!



                                                         YOU TELL THEM Di5a5terp13ce!!!!!!


Is it so hard for people to accept the fact that I like playing games more than once? It's no different when you prestige in Call of duty. You reset and do it all over again. The game is mine and I should be able to play it as many times as I want to.

 Why would I deny myself a second playthrough if I feel like playing again? It just doesn't make any sense to me. And in reality, in may take more than one playthrough for me to completly burn out of a game. Even then,after I shelve the game, I may end up popping in the game for more adventures.

Just because a game ends, doesn't mean that the adventure has to as well. I always look forward to another adventure with Link and Midna, and even though I finished the game multiple times, the adventure seems as fresh to me as the first time I played the game.

 That means that the game, the adventure, and the games way of telling it's story had a big affect on me. And is something that I would want to experience again and again. Alot of games have the power to do that, so why limit myself to one playthrough?

 At the end of the day, I guess it comes down to peoples opinions of the different games we play. Not everyone has the same way of thinking that I do, but there are many who definitly do. But, it all comes down to opinion. If you don't play games more than once, then that's fine.But I'll play my games until I can't do so any more....


Like always, a question for the community: Is there a game that you play with an obsession and still can't get enough of ?