This one proved to be a real eye opener for me. A few days ago, I received my Game informer magazine. Outside of Game infarcer and a couple of reviews, there wasn't really much that caught my eye in this months issue.So today, I decided to read some of the letters that were printed. While I was laughing at one guy who decided to insult the GI crew, one letter on page 12 raised my eyebrow. I'm pretty sure that most of you guys already read the letter to.

  Titled "The War Is Over", the letter was a girl gamer. I was pretty impressed that she was a really dedicated gamer, as dedicated female gamers can sometimes be hard to come by. But what she said in the middle of her letter really raised my brow.

 While she said that she was all for girls who can kill the myth that games are  a "guys- only" thing, that wasn't what suprised me. What really suprised me, was that she pointed a finger at GI editors Meagan and Annette and said that they give girl gamers a bad name. Just because they picked games like NFS and Angry birds on their top 10 list.

 Now I know what your all gonna say. I know that this could do well for a feedback letter to GI magazine. But since I don't know were to do that, I said" Hey,let's blog about it instead." So what I'm gonna do is break down the letter and give my opinions on what she said(and I think it's a little to big for a feedback letter).I know that she won't ever read this, but it helps with my writers block.


 " I enjoy seeing other girls such as myself getting into the gaming world to kill the myth that video games are for guys and girls suck at them"- GI letter

 I can understand how you feel. Gaming has come along way since those days. And it was unavoidable that the opposite sex would take an interest in  the hobby. Gaming isn't a guy's hobby anymore. We're living in an era were young and senior alike are gaming. From teenagers to adults to my own grandma, gaming is everywhere and far from being a "guy only" hobby. Girls can game just as good as we guys do. And I think the myth died a long time ago. So don't get discouraged by those haters who can't take geting beaten by a girl.

"In my first day of playing Black ops I went 34 rounds of Zombies by myself" - GI letter

 Thats no small feat there. I can't make it past 20(XD). So Kudos to you for being able to get that far with no help what so ever.

 "But your two female editors, Meagan and Annette, make every girl gamer look bad with picks like NFS, split second, Dance central, and Angry Birds" - GI letter

Now that was uncalled for. Not only because it's unfair to say that to people who are passionate about games, but also because people have their own preferences of games. NFS and Split Second were awesome racing experiences.  NFS return to roots was a well done and Split seconds destructable tracks offered something new to  the old"race around the track" formula. Games like Angry Birds also garnered attention for their own reasons. There fun to play. And with a game that fun to play on a portable system, it's no doubt that something like that will come in handy on airplanes and business trips.

" I love games like God of War 3, Dragon age, and World of Warcraft" - GI letter

 Those are indeed great games to play. God of War was a phenomanal experience and is definitely one of the PS3's greatest titles. But you can't expect the same title to resonate the same way with people the way it did with you. even though God of War 3 was a awesome adventure, the story was straightforward. Thus eliminating the reason to playthrough a second time outside of trophies. Once you finished the story, there isn't much reason to give it another go. Games like W.o.W as well don't have the same impact on people. Some may think it's worth the $15 a month and some don't.

"Putting out there that we play the same games as my 8 year old nephew makes us look pathetic" - GI letter

 That's not true. I, for starters, am 21 years old. Yet I play games like Lego star wars and the legend of spyro. So does that mean I give  gamers a bad name? Heck no! I love playing violent games as much as you do. But every now and then I need  a break from all the FPS and gory action titles. Mostly settling down with some Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario. Just because a game has a "kiddy" appearance doesn't mean that we shouldn't play it. Games are meant to be played. Whether it's Battlefield or Bejeweled, if a game is fun, then it will be played by everyone. Not just 8 year olds.

 Now I understand that you don't like being looked down on by most guy gamers. Nobody likes that. But saying that others give a "bad name" to others doesn't help. You can't force gamers like Annette and Meagan to like the same games you do. That's not how it works. Maybe they did play God of War 3, maybe they did play Dragon Age and Black ops. But it just didn't "click" with them as much as it did with most people. A good game experience doesn't always have to come with blood and gore. A great experience can come in all shapes and sizes. Just look at Minecraft and Bejewled.

 Besides, I think you over looked  Mass effect 2 and Dead Rising. Which was on their top 10 favorite lists as well. So they play their share of violent and "heavy" games.

 I also like to add that their editors of a magazine. I can't imagine how many games they have to play and review each month for a magazine. And when you traveling back and forth across the globe to gaming expos, games like Angry Birds come in handy for the long run.

 But if Annette and Meagan prefer Angry Birds over God of War, who are we to say otherwise? If they rather play Dance Central over Rock Band, is it fair to ridicule them because of their taste? Not everyone is gonna have the same "like" list as everyone else. Some will prefer some games over other. And I bet that could ring true for annette and Meagan.

 So is the "war" really over? I'd like to think so. But it doesn't do the girl gamers any service to be arguing amongst each other over a different taste in games. Theres just no point to it. You all play games and that is what should really matter.

 So take some time and realize that they,like you, just want to have fun........