dkeller2's Top 75 Favorite Games of All Time


Wow. I'm pretty excited about this list. I've been breaking this list down for a few weeks from about 125 of my favorite games to 75, and here I am. I'm placing my games based on...

-Lasting Effect on me

-Game play


And a few other little things. I plan on updating the list at the end of 2012, because I'm still trying to catch up on a pretty large amount of games. Remember, it's just an opinion, so I'm not saying one game is better than the other, I'm just saying I like it more. Anyways here we go.



75. Pokemon Ruby (GBA)-
Pokemon Ruby worried me from the start. I was bored after the first gym, and I decided to put it down for a week. I thought "Nosepass" was a stupid Pokemon, unworthy of being the best Pokemon the gym leader had, and the move "Rock Tomb" seemed really lame to me. I decided to give it another go, and somehow it magically "got better". My Mudkip was 20% cooler than before, I discovered how awesome "team battles" were and I absolutely loved everything about the next Electric themed gym. From battling the News Reporters for EXP and money over and over again, to hitting the Poke Center every 10 minutes because my stupid Ralts decided he wanted to suck until he evolved, this game sucked away many hours of my life, and comes in at number 75.
What's holding it back? Simply not as entertaining and good as the earlier Pokemon games.
74. Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360)-
One of my first next-gen purchases, I was excited for this game. After I read a Game Informer feature on the game, and I was pumped up and ready to slit throats and take names. I was thrown into a beautiful world, to the likes of which I had never seen. After several fierce battles, I felt I was an assassin, and it was fantastic to feel so deadly behind a controller. The story had me intrigued, and I felt connected with my victim, as he walked around and told me his motives in a weird afterlife-esque realm, and in turn more wary of the potentially sinister motives my master could be planning. Not to mention fighting apparitions of your previous assassination targets all at once
 was pretty amazing.
What's holding it back? It's pretty widely known that the game is held back from true greatness by its
repetitive nature, but that can be slightly countered by playing an hour a day, or something like that.
73. Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike (Gamecube)-
I'm a pretty big fan of the Star Wars universe. So when I was blown away by the initial trailers and advertisements for this game, I eagerly counted the days until it released. Speeder combat seemed amazing, as did ground combat, and I had loved Rogue Squadron 64 and Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader II. But it turned out being the space and air combat that made me love this game. It was beautiful, the missions had pretty great replay value (I remember getting gold medals in every mission) and it had some pretty sweet unlocks. Shooting down Tie Fighters was my forte, and this surprisingly challenging game had me addicted for weeks, earning it the 73rd spot on my list.
What's holding it back? The ground combat was dull and too tough to control, uncharacteristic for Factor 5, who integrated seamless controls for flight combat.
72. Just Cause 2 (Ps3)-
I view this game as an underrated gem. It's dismissed often because of the first iteration's flaws (I never got to play that one), but as a whole, Just Cause 2 is an over-the-top, explosive, and thrilling action game akin to Micheal Bay movies. Sure, the story isn't anything to scream from the rooftops, but the game play is just pure fun. Jumping out of and on top of your jet mid-flight has never been so... possible, and car hopping was given a new definition in Just Cause 2. Panau is beautiful and absolutely massive, and completing the game 100 % has to take 60-80 or so hours. Seriously its 17 dollars used on Amazon. Just Cause 2 bargain of the year if you need a game to play (assuming Skyrim hasn't already worked your system to death.)
What's holding it back? A "good story". Cut scenes were only average, surprising since the game looks so great in game play.   
71. South Park: Chef's Luv Shack-
Let me start by saying this is NOT a game to play on your own. There isn't any competition if you do... seriously.Anyways, if you don't know already, this is a trivia-style South Park game, filled with hilarious questions, surprisingly fun mini games, and pretty awesome Co-Op play. Up until it broke about a year ago, my brother and sisters would break out the old N64, and play this for hours. We were always highly competitive, freaking out when we died in A**es in Space (an Asteroids parody, where the asteroids are instead... get the picture) and gloating when we won the Go-Kart racing. This game was wild, raunchy, and ridiculous, but I still view it as a great Co-op game to this day, and for that it deserves the 71st spot on my list.
What's holding it back? While it's a trivia game, and no story is desired, it doesn't mean playing alone should suck. No AI were even added to compete with you.
70. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)-
I was never a PC FPS gamer, and the first Battlefield: Bad Company was my very first Battlefield game. I loved it, and when news broke of a sequel, I rubbed my hands together with anticipation. When I finally got this game, my best friend (Who was a Halo 3 addict at the time) asked me to play Halo 3 with him. "My Xbox has red ring" was the response I was goingto use, but instead the best friend in me set my status to offline on XBL and ignored my phone. This game improved upon the first in a lot of ways. It was easier to control, prettier, and overall just a better game play experience. The multiplayer  was the reason this game sneaks onto my list. Flying around Black Hawk helicopters while my friends lit up the objective using mini guns was a pretty amazing experience, and vehicle game play is  rewarding and intense. Bullets whizzed by my head, explosions rang my ears, and party invites were ignored, because I busy being amazed by Battlefield: Bad Company 2, my 70th favorite game of all time.
What's holding it back? Lack of a memorable campaign, while good, it simply didn't have any lasting effects on me or truly incredible moments.
69. Team Fortress 2 (Xbox 360)-
I was really expecting this game to be the game I didn't touch from The Orange Box. Looking back now, I can't really see why. This game had me addicted to the point were I delayed starting Half-Life 2 for 2-3 months. Something about putting turrets up to murder things, or the pretty awesome cartoony, yet pretty art style made this game a pretty memorable one. My copy unfortunately broke (my games break about 60% more than the average person's games, really, that's true) and I really couldn't play as much as I'd love to, but this game was something special.
What's holding it back? It sounds stupid, but a single player mode would be welcomed. Or maps that weren't specific to a certain game type.
68. Tekken 4 (Ps2)-
It was between this and Tekken Tag, but I think my time spent competitively playing my friends and relatives justifies the placing of Tekken 4 in the 68th spot. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of fighters, and Tekken 4 just had something special going for it. I had mastered all of Hwoarang's moves at one point, but sometimes that still wasn't enough to take on some of my friends. My competitive spirit usually came out while playing Tekken, and it was no secret that I thought myself to be the king of this game back in the day. The level of intensity this game used to bring to my living room, brings this game into spot number.
What's holding it back? The AI was pretty bad, so if nobody was around to play, this game got tossed aside pretty quickly.
67. Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360)-
I was disappointed by the first iteration in the series, there I said it. It just got boring after an hour of playing, and I decided to give Left 4 Dead 2 a chance. Even though this game came out shortly after the first, I felt it was a much improved package, filled with better depth, more interesting characters, and it just felt like an overall better experience. Melee weapons were effective and fun to use, and the variety of the undead was refreshing. Playing with a few friends seriously still makes me jump out of my seat. Here's hoping for another strong sequel from Valve.
What's holding it back? While the single player is much improved, it still needs a little something to juice it up (RPG elements please?).
66. Fifa 12 (Xbox 360)-
Seriously, this edition of Fifa is absolutely phenomenal. The controls are superb, the game play is outstanding, it looks great, and it is definitely one of the best titles of 2011. While the juggernaut franchise Madden took a step back, EA Canada really did set the bar for Soccer/Futbol gaming, and it'll be hard for anyone to catch up. Even if you don't follow the sport (I personally don't) this game still can get you hooked to the point its all you want to play. Give it a chance, I doubt you'll regret it.
What's holding it back? While it is one of the better sports games I've ever played, I haven't spent enough time with it to justify a higher spot.
Look out for part 2 in the next few days.... Edit: Any advice on how to break this into a few pages? Not sure how.