Usually its that one sweet character, good or bad, that makes you remember the game or that loser that keeps you laughing. Here is my top list of heros, villans and the, well, losers in gaming.


The Losers-


4.  Mid Boss/Vyers (Disgaea series)- First of all, he dresses and acts like a chick. He is cocky, looks like a twig, and has purple hair, and thinks he is amazing, and when you hand it to him, he makes excuses and runs off, only to do it again later. He does kind of get cool, but he is still a loser.


3. Brucie (GTA IV)- He acts like a teenager and thinks the world of himself. He is constantly seen working out and looking at himself in the mirror. He is major loser, but he is hilarious.



2. Toad (Super Mario Bros. 2)- Man, f**k toad. This useless guy does nothing special, and he never will. I hated him in my childhood while playing this game, and hate him to this day. Come on, wipe that stupid smirk off your face, everyone hates you.


1. Captain Quark (Ratchet and Clank series)- In the first game of the amazing series, Ratchet is dying to meet this supposed hero. Over the course of the whole series, this man is a total loser. More like Captain comic relief, you do the dirty work, he sits back and takes credit. He is truly the biggest loser in gaming history.



And now for the coolest heros...



5. Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank Series)-  Not only is this guy the supposed last remaining of his species, the Lombax, he is tiny, but carries weapons that pack a punch. He is funny and brave and kicks ass.



4. Link (Legend of Zelda series)- Ok, don't hate me, but I have sadly only finished Ocarina of Time, but Link is still a bad-ass. He is a misfit child, who grows up only to kick ass and take names. He is pretty awesome.



3. Laharl (Disgaea Series)- This guy is a beast. He is funny, cocky, and strives to be overlord of the Netherworld. Not only that, but he learns amazing moves and wins most battles.



2. Master Chief (Halo series)- Bad-ass super soldier,  who can run, shoot, drive and fly, this man is without a doupt one the coolest action Hero ever.



1. Mario (Mario series)- He is a plumber, go kart driver, turtle smasher, and definitly the best pound for pound hero in gaming history. 2-D, 3-D, racing, anywhere this guy goes, he is sweet. (Except baseball and Olympic sports.



And now the coolest villians in gaming...



3. GLaDOS (Portal)- She may be only a computer, but she is hilarious, and snarky. She constantly messes with you, offering cake and other such items. Not to mention the final battle with her was awesome...



2. Bowser- This guy is persistant. No matter how many times you whoop him, he always comes back a bit stronger, over and over and over. Mario game after Mario game, he fights you, and it doesn't get old.



1. Dr. Nefarious- This guy is the best villan in gaming history. He wants to exterminate all organic life or as he calls them "Squishies" by turning them into robots. He has a malfunction overload in his head, causing temporary soap opera scenes to play from his head. He has a funny butler, Lawrence, who hits him every time this happens. This is enough to justify an awesome, funny character. Dr. Nefarious, as is name implies, is the best villan ever in gaming.