Ok... a while ago when Gamestop sold movies, I was there looking at their selection. They had a huge buy 2 get 3 movies free deal going on since they were going to stop selling movies, anyways a good deal on used movies. So I'm browsing the selection and see Star Wars: Episode III. I enjoyed this movie so I grabbed it along with a few other movies and walked over to the checkout counter. I gave them the movies and what not, only to have my brother call me to show me something in the store. So I walk over as they are packing my movies like they do. So I pay and leave Gamestop.

So maybe three days later,   I open my used copy of Star Wars to find F*&^#%$cking dude wheres my car in the case (Yes, that movie sucks so much I am not punctuating or capitalizing it) And believe me, I am pissed. I watched it and thought it was so gay.

So the next day I tell my mom the situation and ask her to bring me back. She says she doesn't feel like it and maybe in a few days. Unaware that the return policy is seven days or so, I decide I can wait.

So about two weeks later we finally venture back to Gamestop. I walk in and tell the guy the situation, and he says, "Sir, as it says in the fine print, there is only a seven day warranty on returning the item." I flip my *** in front of everyone. In front of my mom and little sister I say something like "I didn't pay fourteen ninety F%#king nine for dude where my mother F&#king car! Now I want my money back or get me F#%king star wars or I'm gonna freak out! (which I already did). Now I was asked to leave and I did, after throwing the *** DVD at the guy. (Yes I admit, I overreacted) But hey, who the  would rather watch dude wheres my car than Star Wars...