Dkeller2 was born in a small town in the woods in the middle of Florida in 1992. His very first experience with video games was ironically enough, Duck Hunt. This was his gateway game. Dkeller2 had thought Duck Hunt was the only game on the cartridge, but was surprised to see this wierd game called Mario. Dkeller2  was curious enough to pick to play this game. He could not figure it out for the life of him. He could do nothing with this gun in his hand but kill ducks, not press start on some strange game called Mario. His father, Greg came over to see his son shooting at a T.V. with the wrong game in like an idiot. His dad saw this and decided to give Dkeller2 his best gaming memory ever. He grabbed the NES and Dkeller2 and put them in the car, and drove to the local movie theatre. Dkeller2's dad managed the theatre, so he walked right in to an empty theatre and put Devin in a chair and walked away. A few minutes later, that strange game that Dkeller2 had tried to play with the Duck Hunt gun came onto the screen. My dad was really playing Super Mario Bros. on a movie theatre screen. From this moment on, Dkeller2 was infatuated with gaming. The only other games Dkeller2 played for the Nes were the first three Mario games, but then Dkeller2 had a turn for the best with his newest system

Always a bit late to the scene in new systems, Dkeller2 recieved his SNES a few years after its release. Of course his first game for the system was his favorite until 1999. Super Mario World was Dkeller2's crack, he could truly not get enough. He also played games like Mystical Ninja, Super Mario Kart, Ballz, Yoshi Safari, Donkey Kong Country and Jurassic Park.


He was content with his SNESs until he recieved his N64 in '99. He had asked for this for christmas, and he asked for Command and Conquer and Super Smash Bros. Instead he recieved Super Mario 64 and Command and Conquer. He was disappointed with Super Mario 64 until he started playing with Marios face. He was then addicted to Super Mario 64. His dad came home with some game called Zelda about a month later. Dkeller2 watched him play this game and was forever changed. Ocarina of Time was not only fun to watch, but to literally follow in his fathers footsteps as he played the game himself. This has been his favorite game for years, and probaly always will be. This was Dkeller2's most life changing  system, getting him into Zelda games, 3-D platformers (Super Mario 64 & Banjo-Kazooie), Star Wars games (Star Wars: Rogue Squadron), and RTS games (Command and Conquer). He also played Mario Kart 64, South Park: Chefs Luv Shack, Starfox 64, Pokemon Stadium and so on. This system also affected his affinity for shooters. Goldeneye and The World is Not Enough opened his eyes to first person shooter games and opened his eyes to Halo, ECT.

Dkeller2 arrived at the handheld gaming scene with his Gameboy Color the same year. All he could play was Pokemon, and it started a craze that got him into the cards and show for about a year or two. Pokemon Gold, and Red versions were the only games that ever touched his gameboy.


ence Dkeller2's first experience with a non nintendo system was the Playstation. He constantly played Metal Gear, Soul reaver, Medal of Honor and some other games for the system, but his favorite games were Oddworld and NFL Gameday '99. Oddworld was hilarious and Gameday '99 got him into foorball games, and the PS1 ultimately got him to ask for a PS2 a few years later.

To be continued....