"Spoilers Ahead"

Everyone had that moment or boss in a game that just amazes them. Whether it be a massive monster towering over you, or a dramatic cut scene that moves you, these moments can really define the game you're playing. I have had tons of these moments, and I'm going to narrow them down for you. Feel free to share your opinion, make your own list, or just read it. Enjoy

Super Mario Galaxy- Blasting Off

My first time jumping into the star and shaking the Wii remote, I was amazed. This really shows off the capabilities of the Wii, and how Mario graphics have evolved over the years.


Condemned: Criminal Origins- The Mannequinns

I could't find a picture to do the scene justice, but when you turn around to see a big group of what you thought lifeless mannequins surrounding you, you really feel scared.


Halo 3: Odst- The drop

What seemed to be an easy way to enter the city is ruined by a Covenant cruiser jumping into hyperspace, causing a massive shockwave, scattering you and all your fellow squadmates.


Bioshock- A man choses, a slave obeys

Playing  most of a game through only to find out that the guy that you've been trying to kill is your father and the guy that you think is your friend is using you, it sucks.


Tony Hawk's: Underground- McTwistin'

 It might sound silly to have this game on the list, but doing a McTwist over a helicopter was one of the coolest moments I had in a sports game.


Assassins Creed- Making the Jump

The best way to escape from soliders pursuing you? Yes, jumping from 50 feet in the air into a cart filled with hay. Likely? Probaly not. Awesome? For sure.


Medal of Honor: Frontline- Storming the Beach

The begining scene in Saving Private Ryan was breathtaking and incredible, and so was this rendition of storming Omaha. Nothing is more moving then seeing your fellow soldiers being torn apart only inches away from you.


Chrono Trigger- Oops...

You just meet a girl at a fair, you are asked to test a teleporter by a friend. You do. it works. She wants to try. She gets sucked into another dimension out of nowhere. A pretty cool start to a game in my opinion.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare- One Shot... One kill...

You crawl undetected almost inches from touching the bad guys, snipe your target, an Apache and get the hell out of the town. Amazing.


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- The Final Fight

You fight through the whole game to Ganon, beat him, escape down the crumbling castle, only to have him return bigger and stronger. A truly defining moment in the best game in history.