2009 was an amazing year for movies. I work at a movie theatre and got a chance to see most of the movies. To exclude comments like "Where is this movie?!?" and stuff like that, I will list every movie I saw on this list, and put them in catagories.  Hope you enjoy!


Worst movie of 2009

The contenders- Year One; The Orphan; Paper Heart; Whiteout

All four of these movies were pretty bad. Year One was the best of the lot, I laughed a bit but it was still dumb. Whiteout was horrible and confusing, I regret seeing this one at all. Paper Heart was corny and boring, with a bad ending, but the worst movie of 2009 was without a doupt, The Orphan. This movie was just bad, all the way around. It wasn't even scary, and it had the dumbest "Twist" ending ever. I laughed more than I was scared, which didn't even happen. Do not see this move, it was horrible.


The middleground movies-

The movies- Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen; Inkheart; Terminator: Salvation; Earth; 2012

While these movies weren't great, they also weren't horrible.

Earth was an awesome experience, but I put it in here because its not really a movie, more of a documentary.

 Transformers 2 was bad in terms of continuity and dialogue, but the special effects and Megan Fox's boobs were great.

Inkheart was good, but was pretty slow, seeing as how I never read the books.

2012 is just like Transformers, great special effects, but bad dialogue and characters.

Teminator Salvation was pretty good until naked CGI Arnold came running on to the screen.

But the best middleground movies were Earth and Terminator. I enjoyed both of these movies alot, but they are only one timers, just like your mom.


Best Horror Movie of 2009-

The contenders- Paranormal Activity; The Collector; Sorority Row;

These movies were all actually decent and fun to watch.

The Collector was a gruesome, edge of the seat thriller that was surprisingly good.

Sorority Row featured hot chicks partying and getting murdered, which is always fun. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

The low-budget Paranormal Activity scared me and everyone else in the theatre; which is why I think this is the best horror movie of the year. It made millions, while costing less than 30,000 to make, and it was very good.


Best Animation movie of 2009-

The contenders- Coraline; 9; Up; Ice Age 3; Monsters V.S. Aliens;

Ice age 3 was the weakest link of the three, it was just ok.

Monsters V.S. Aliens was actually good. It had a great cast, cool 3-D, lovable characters, and was a fun experience.

9 was solid, but not as great as I hoped. 

Coraline was a fantastic adventure, which was creepy, but fantastic.

Up was amazing. Pixar did it again with this lovable adventure, and it was truly a great film.

While Coraline was a can't miss movie with beautiful stop motion, Up was the best animation movie since Ratatouille, and is a can't miss hilarious adventure.


Best Comedy of 2009-

The contenders- Funny People; Zombieland; Observe and Report; Bruno; The Hangover; Inglorious Basterds.

All of these movies were hilarious, and I saw most of these more than once.

Inglorious Basterds was so funny, yet awesome at the same time. A must see for any movie goer.

Funny People had its moments, but it was really depressing as a whole.

Zombieland was unique but hilarious, a different take on Zombie movies.

Observe and Report, like Funny People, had its moments but was pretty sad.

The Hangover looked ok from the trailers, but it was so funny I saw it four times.

Bruno was hilarious, Sacha Cohen is just rediculously funny.

Overall, this was a great year for comedies, but the funniest movie I saw was The Hangover, simply because it had such an easy premise,  but I couldn't help to crack up every three seconds.



Best Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi movie of 2009-

The contenders- Star Trek; District 9; Avatar; Harry Potter 6; Defiance;

All of these movies were breathtaking.

Star Trek was gorgeous, funny, and was one of the best of all time.

Disrtict 9 was fantastic, with excellent battle scenes, and a great ending.

Defiance was a great story of brothers helping fighting the Nazis.

Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince was very well done, and probaly the best in the series.

And Avatar looked incredible, and was incredible.

But the best movie in this catagory for 2009 was a tie. District 9 and Star Trek were both amazing, and I probaly will never be decide which was a better action movie.




And finally I give you, the top 10 movies of the year.

10. Zombieland- Unique and hilarious, I loved it.

9. Coraline- Ironic that a "Kids Movie" was scarier than a "Zombie movie" isn't it?

8. Defiance- A great story of revenge, with excellent performances by all.

7. Harry Potter6 I love all of the books and movies, and this one is no exception.

6. The Hangover- Maybe the funniest movie ever, a definite buy.

5.Avatar- Amazing special effects, James Cameron has done it again.

4. Up- Funny and lovable, this movie needs no explanation.

3. Inglorious Basterds- Yes, I know I said The Hangover was funnier, but Inglorious Basterds was a better movie. Truly a twist on history.

2. District 9- Amazing movie, and will always be one of my favorites

1. Star Trek- I give Star Trek number 1 because it doubles as a comedy and an action/sci fi movie, which District 9 doesn't.