These are my top games of all time. Feel free to comment on anything.

35. Battlfefield: Bad Company- As is a trend in all of my favorite games, this one was funny and destructive. Add awesome multiplayer for a classic. I can't wait for the sequel.


34.  Portal- Hilarious, clever and just plain fun are the best words to describe this amazing game. The cake is a lie. Length is the only thing that sets this game back a bit.


33. Pokemon Puzzle League- Take a clever puzzle game, add a Pokemon coat of paint, and an awesome level creator, and you have an addiction.


32. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee- This hilarious 2-D Playstation game brought clever puzzles, but was hard as hell back in the day.


31. Call of Duty: World at War- While the game had critical and commercial sucess, everyone hated on it because Treyarch made it and not Infinity Ward. This game was a blast and has crazy replay value like Co-Op campaign, Multiplayer, and Nazi Zombies. It is still a great game.


30. New Super Mario Bros.- This game was one of the best DS games I've played. It had catchy music like always, gorgeous graphics, and amazing gameplay. Only drawback was the length.


29. Mario Kart 64- While it has aged a bit, this game was really amazing back in the day. Add in an awesome battle minigame, and you have yourself a gem.


28. Ratchet: Deadlocked- While you lacked the abilities of Clank in this game, you still felt complete ability to open up cans of kick ass on enemies. The gladiator format was awesome, and the gun level system was truly amazing. Although inferior to Up Your Arsenal, this game was good enough to warrant four straight playthroughs.


27. Banjo-Kazooie- While the juggernaut Mario essentially dominated my childhood, only one game could pull me away. Banjo-Kazooie was cool, funny, unique, and just fun to play, this game was Marios only challenge.


26.Star Wars: Rogue Squadron- This game was crazy. Taking turns with my dad, and brother, going after every gold medal over and over again, amazing levels and cool cheats, this game was a blast.


25.) Super Smash Bros. Melee/Super Smash Bros. Brawl- I really can't decide which one is better, but both games are some of the best games I have ever played. Playing against my cousins as Fox on Corneria is definitly a great memory.


 24.) Assassins Creed II- This game was amazing. Gorgeous, not repetitive, inventive and fun. The gameplay and story were great and the Assassin Tombs made me think of Zelda which is a plus. Great game. From Florence to Venice, the game never lost its luster.


23.) Star wars: Rogue Squadron II- The graphics were amazing, and you really felt like part of the battle behind the tight controls of these rebel crafts. Epic space battles really recreated the movies. Out did Rogue Squadron 64 in the graphics department, which is the reason it is ahead of it.


22.) Star Wars: Battlefront 2- While the first game introduced me to large scale Star Wars battles, this game improved the series in every way. Playable jedi, new maps, and stat tracking were only a few of the new things this game brought to the table.


 21. Halo 3: ODST- The campaign is incredible, but lacks length and character development. It would be higher up if so. Keep it up Bungie!


20. Star Wars: BattleFront- While the second game improved on this game in every way and then some, this game started my craze.  Killing Gungans may never get old.


19.) Super Mario 64- While the game hasn't aged well, it was the best game ever back in the day. Memorable level design, enemies, and my first venture into 3D gaming, just amazing.


18.) GTA:IV- San Andreas introduced me to open world games, and GTA:IV improved San Andreas so much. Awesome physics, weapons, free mode multiplayer, and amazing graphics, this game is incredible.


17.) Borderlands- I love this game. Addictive, expansive and funny, this game is just amazing. Hundreds of weapons, awesome vehicles and boss battles, this is a premier next gen RPG.


16. Super Mario Galaxy- This game was epic. Best looking game on Wii, and it reminded me of days spent on Super Mario 64 without the terrible camera. This game is amazing.


15. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas- This game was as much fun as I've had with any game ever not titled Ratchet and Clank. Memories are plentiful in this game, and it brings me back to the days of me and my brother spending 3 hours saving the game, driving to the horse track, betting everthing we had, quitting and loading the game back up if we lost and repeating if we won, and figuring out our cousin knew the money cheat the whole time.


14. Madden Series- My guilty pleasure, I love football. I love gaming. Nuff' said.



13. Mario Kart DS- I am tempted to say the whole series, but Mario Kart DS is the best, and I can take it anywhere. The karts are all balenced perfectly and multiplayer is great to, but no single racing game, Mario or not is quite like this game.


12. Halo Wars- I get ridiculed all of the time for loving this game so much, but as a fan of Halo and a fan of RTS games, this game just wows me. From the stellar Multiplayer to the heartpounding cutscenes and campaign, this game is very close to perfect. It is so simplistic yet complicated at the same time. Six leaders with unique units and abilities, this is an amazing RTS.


11.) Super Mario Bros 3- Brilliant gameplay, amazing soundtrack, and a great art style this game rocked the world.


10. Super Mario World- I grew up with Mario and this game was the one I was most exposed to. The gorgeous art style to the awesome level designs of Super Mario World, this games was edged out of 9th place only because Disgaea 2 has unlimited replay value.


9. Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories- From the addictive gameplay and customization, to the great dialogue, this game rocks. The game has a dark sense of humor that just makes me laugh. This is (Almost) Strategy RPG at its best.


8. Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal- Man, I love this game. Its funny and it has a blow S**T up attitude that I love. The story is surprisingly well written and funny. This game is a must own for any fan of gaming.


7. Halo 3- I know I will get chewed out for this having this game on my list, but come on, admit it, its amazing. Basically 5 games in 1, Halo 3 features a decent campaign, incredible matchmaking, theatre, forge and custom games. While the campaign disapointed me a bit everything else is completely addicting.


6. Bioshock- I beat this game over a year ago and my jaw is still dropped. It scares you and amazes you at the same time. I never felt bored once during this game it never left the disc tray until the credits stopped rolling. Will forever be in my mind as the game with the greatest plot twist ever. 


5. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness- I've put 500+ hours into the series and 300+ into this game alone,  and I still love it. Hilarious, addictive and just plain amazing. Tons of extra hidden levels, weapons and special moves, this game is perfect. (By the way, Laharl is the best character ever)


4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- The best sequel ever made, this game delivers on its promise. The single player campaign is amazing, as is Spec Ops and multiplayer. The game has beautiful graphics, gameplay, and one of the most shocking endings ever.


3. Starcraft: Brood War- The only PC game on my list, and the best RTS game ever. It has been popular since the late 90's and still rules most of Online gaming. The balance between the three factions are absolutely perfect in every way. If you haven't played this game before, go die, just die.



2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare- The campaign of Call of Duty 4 set the standards for future shooters to come. The multiplayer is amazing and addictive and the campaign is perfect. Tons of jaw dropping moments, and it probaly always will be the shooter ever made, period.


1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- More like Ocarina of awesomeness, this game rules everyone. This was my favorite game at six years old and it still is. A huge expansive world which is easy to navigate, amazing boss battles, mind bending puzzles, this game can't be beat.



Honorable mentions Disgaea 3 Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of destruction, Super Mario Bros. RF: Guerilla; Age of Empires II; South Park: Chefs Luv Shack; Goldeneye; The world is not enough