2009 was a great year for games, and 2010 should be no different. Now that juggernauts like IW's Call of Duty and and Bungies latest Halo game are out of the way, a really interesting battle for 2010 is close to starting. I will include some PS3 exclusives as well, hoping I get a PS3 sometime soon. Without further ado, here are my most anticipated games of 2010.


Bioshock 2- The first Bioshock was one of the best games I have ever played, and the second installment should be no exception. From incounters agaisnt the impossible big sister (or so we think) and being in the shoes of a big daddy, this game has so much potential.



Darksiders- The potential of this game has all hardcore gamers drooling. Its like God of War in the apocolypse, this game could be great.



MAG- Any game that boasts 256 player online matches on console has something going for it. We'll will see how the team AND the PS3 can handle these massive battles.



Battlfield: Bad Company 2- If the first game disn't do justice to the hype about this game, the demos and trailers should. The game boasts fully destructable buildings and better online support, this game should hit its high ceiling.



Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty- Yeah I know, splitting the game into three parts sounds kind of suckish, but this game should still rock the world. If it can get out by 2010, it will be up for game of the year honors.



Ill update the list later, but comment and say what you think will be the best of 2010