Okay, I've been seeing lately everybody getting into this top ten games thing. So, I decided since my favorite genre happens to be RPG's, that I would make my own top 10 list of nothing but RPG games. This is my top ten list, in my own opinion, if you think differently don't be a hater, simply add your suggestions and reasons why, as I'm always open to other people's opinions.


Numero Uno :


Panzer Dragoon Saga. This game was produced with limited quantites due to various reasons that I will not go one about, and it is *** shame that it was. I happened upon the game years ago and became simply obsessed with it. The battle system was far ahead of it's time, as were the visuals and the story. I still have my original copy of this game and will load it up on my Saturn just to refelect on how well this game has maintained it's charm years after it's release. This game aged very well, and should have more respect in the gaming community. I hope that someday that someone will remake it and release it as a download either through PSN or X-Box Live, but so far that has been nothing but wishful thinking.



Number two on my list is Final Fantasy VIII. My reason for this is simple I was hooked from the very beginning and spent many a day playing every aspect of this game. I was transfixed, the story line was very well written and played oout like an incredible dramatic movie. The battle system was great, even though a little slow, I still loved it. The summons were cinematic, and the ending was one of the best I have ever seen in any game, ever. This game to me defines what a true RPG is and it delivered at a very high level.


Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion makes it on my list as number three. This game had it all, fantastci open world, a sense of exploration, and incredible graphics. The story line was not one of the best in my opinion, but the other aspects of this game were just simply amazing.






Number four on my list is Final Fantasy X. This game was amazing from start to end. The storyline got me from the very start and I found myself wondering WTF is going to happen next. The ending was the best ending of any game ever made, in my opinion. This was the first and only, well so far only, game that actually made me shed a tear. Hey at least I'm man enough to admit it! The battle system was by far one of the easiest to learn, and the arae of customization was outstanding. And plus I loved playing blitzball, one of my fav side activities of any game thus far in the Final Fantasy series.



Number five on my list is Chrono Trigger.  This game defined the genre RPG back with it's initial release in 1995. I spent many upon many hours with this game trying to complete every side mission that it had to offer, and I can honestly say that I probably put in close to 200 hours on this game, or more. The story line was great as was the battles system at such an early age of RPG's. This game is a must have for any gamer that wants a sense of nostalgia.


Number 6 on my list is Dark Cloud, this game was the most flexible of any RPG that I have ever played. The customization of weapons was a very great idea that I loved. And the fact trhat you can customize the towns to your own liking and appeal, simply epic. The battles in the game were sub par compared to the rest of my games on my list, but thanks to it's originality with the customization, it has become one of my favorite RPG's of all time. Here's hoping that they release a Dark Cloud 3 in the future.



Number seven on my list just happens to be FFVII. Who can say that they didn't like the storyline in this game? I have never met anyone that has said this, this game's storyline is what makes it upon my list. I wasn't a fan of the battle system in this game as it didn't appeal to me very much, but the shear detail of the story is what sets this game apart from any other in it's class.



Number eight on my list is Dragon Quest VIII. This game was a brilliant masterpiece of artwork and story telling in my opinion. I found the story very amusing, and the battle system used was very easy to learn. And for a < spoiler alert > it had a WTF moment when you thought the game was over only to find out that there was a lot more left to accomplish. This was very cinematic in it's own rights.



Number 9 on my list is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. This game's battle system is what made it to my list, the combat system was just freakin remarkable. This is what set this game apart from the rest, the simple combo system in real time battle was well executed throughout the game. The story was kind of lacking in quality, but with a battle system like this it far than made up for it. In fact, FFXIII's battle system looks very very like that of Star Ocean's, hmmmmm...



Number ten on my list is Valkyrie Profile. This game had one of the hardest boss fights of any game that I have ever played. Top that with a great storyline, and a decent battle system and you get one heck of a game.

Well that's my top 10 list, remember MY TOP TEN list, of RPG's of all time. Just a side note some honorable mentions are, FF Tactics, Xenosaga, FF XII, Secret of Mana, and Tales of Symphonia.