Here is a sampling of some newer final fantasy XIII characters that have yet to be anoounced officially here in the United States. They are playable characters in Japan and confirmed over there. This group of three people are part of Snow's group, and thus far their role in the story has yet to be revealed. Here are the pictures and names of these three characters.

The first one as you can tell is named Gadou, which is the Japanese to English translation, the name over here is still yet to be determined.


This next one is named Marquis, and appears to be a little boy, but don't let that fool you, he could be one of the better characters of the game, only timne will tell though.


The last character of the group is named Rebro, again another translation. Is it me or does she kinda, maybe, look a little like Tifa? Just a thought. Well anyways this is Snow's group, whom I believ play a big role in the beginning of the story, not sure if they will be playable throughout the entire game yet.