Were getting ganked!!!

So you want to write an alien invasion story. Well I'm here to tell you that while it can be a fun and interesting story.... it isn't a fun and interesting story at all. Well in most cases they aren't, after all there are only so many angles that you can make into a feasible plot. Let alone make it air tight, without plot holes and worthy of my money and time. There are four basic templates for an alien invasion story and they will be discussed in full detail to explain why it is a bad idea to write an alien invasion story. They almost never work or the good ideas are already taken.

They really want our water.....

Resource Mining: The bizarre insult

This one is insulting for one group in particular; The aliens.

How you ask well think about it, if the alien species is smart enough to event space ships to travel through vasts amount of space in a short period of time and desperate enough to invade our planet then aren't they also smart enough too take a planet without intelligent and Mechanized species so as to not risk there own people. What if there are no other planets that have what they need? Earth is there last chance at survival and they need our resources desperately? Well then they should be intelligent enough to know that they could negotiate resources with us so as to not lose unnecessary lives. Why not suggest a trade off with us, we give you the resources you need and you give us space age technology and scientific knowledge. Why the massive war when you can just talk? It would be so much easier to talk and both can gain from the emergency. So really that would be an obvious choice for both movies but it is not as entertaining as watching Sh*t blow up.