As promised, I'm wrapping up Recap coverage for the month of December (despite being a few weeks late).  If you haven't already, be sure to check out all 3 previous parts of this monumental year ending issue here, here, and here.

For this final part, we do the usual look back at last year, followed by a special bonus segment where we talk about our favorite GI covers and cover stories from 2011.  So without further ado, here's the Recap's send off for 2011!


December 2010 (Issue 212) - 30 Characters Who Defined A Decade

In December of 2010, Game Informer brought us not only a fantastic 3 cover work of art (the entire image is what you see above), but an amazing piece on 30 video characters they felt defined the last decade. (Side Note: I am proud to say I have all 3 of these covers in my GI stash.)  Personally, it's been so long since I read this, and I really can't think of anything that bothered me with the list.  I thought it was very well thought out, and covered most of gaming's major bases from the past ten years.  So before I share what some of my guests this month thought about the list I wanted to bring your attention to an interesting fact and that's in the year after this was written, 2011, a lot of these characters appeared once again to ring in the new decade.  Here are a few examples:

-Captain Price (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

-Ezio (Assassin's Creed: Revelations)

-GlaDOS (Portal 2)

-Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher (Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

-Phoenix Wright (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

-Professor Layton (Professor Layton & The Last Specter)

-Commander Shepard, Illusive Man, Jade, Kratos, Master Chief, & Wander (Various Rerelases & Ports)


Game Informer’s 30 Characters Who Defined a Decade is likely my favorite collection of covers from the magazine so far, and a great piece of art work to boot. Seeing all of those characters together, drawn in the same art style, was awesome, and Sony even has a similarly conceived commercial making its rounds - ( how nerdy and cool! ). I can’t exactly remember Game Informer’s selections, but I remember finding it to be a fair and well-picked list. Besides, it was their opinion, and I find combating someone’s opinion ( sometimes to the point of frustration and anger, or even threatening to cancel your subscription ) to be an exercise in futility. Try to appreciate why Game Informer selected the characters they did, and simply create a personal list that is customized to your own opinions. After all, the list was not called (your name here)’s 30 most influential characters. Had it been named so, one would have the right to be upset if Game Informer was incorrect.


I agree with the list on a majority of points, but not all of them. I figure I'll go through my 3 favorites and my 3 least favorites, most likely because of the number they were put at.

Three Favorites:

1.) #1- Glados- When I first read the list I had not ever played Portal, but after playing the game, I can not doubt this character or the spot she has been given. Glados is a remarkable character, and very funny. She has given birth to multiple internet memes, like "The Cake is a Lie." She also broke the news you were adopted. She does this all throughout the game, making her impossible to forget, in a good way.

2.) #10- Ezio- I really Altair, he fits that assassin demeanor to me, but Ezio does not. I can not dispute the fact that he is a gaming icon though. He is now looked upon as the leader of the assassins, not something to be taken lightly. I find he comes into his own in Brotherhood, and looks much wiser in Revelations.

3.) #12- Commander Shepard- Shepard is a character of the players creation, but a fine one at that. Every decision seems to affect Shepard and his allies, making Shepard a center part of the story. Not only do you shape the way Shepard goes about the actual story, but you also make up his past. You really feel like you own Shepard and he is an extension of you.

Three Least Favorites

1.) #4- Master Chief- I love Master Chief, don't get me wrong, but I disagree with his spot. I know he is an icon, but Gameinformer called out Faith from Mirror's Edge, Travis from No More Heroes, and others for not being great characters and not making the list. I don't think Master Chief is such a great character. He needs to be on the list, but #4 seems quite generous for a character I feel is a vessel. Many characters after him should be up higher on this list than him.

2.) #21- Auron- Final Fantasy X had a great cast of characters, but none cooler than Auron. Still, he only manages to come in at 21. I think he is easily a cooler and more memorable character than Tim from Braid, Captain Price, Maybe even the Illusive Man. I know that may seem a little extreme, but I love Auron and think he deserves to be up a little higher than what he is.

3.) #30- King of All Cosmos- Really, tell me this is a joke. I know he is memorable and what not, but I feel that is bad in his case. Characters not listed who should be over him, Dante, Shadow, Claptrap, Fawful, Amateratsu, and more that I'm not going to list. He is crazy, makes no sense and looks like he is on drugs. How does that define a decade?

I really think Dante should be on this list. I think they were a bit harsh, he is really the face of action games like Devil May Cry. I don't really see why he didn't make it. He is funny and a bada**. Oh Well.


Other noteworthy inclusions this issue included:

-Sales Charts on the Holiday Season

-Afterwords: Halo Reach

-Verdict: Kinect

-The 2010 Holiday Buying Guide

-Articles on Gears of War 3 & DOTA 2

-A Preview for Diablo III, which still has yet to release

-A TON of Reviews on some of the hottest titles from that holiday season including: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Game Of The Month), Call Of Duty Black Ops, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Fallout New Vegas, Fable III, Dance Central, Kirby Epic Yarn, God Of War Ghost Of Sparta, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3 Miniland Mayhem