TGIF everyone, I'm kicking the weekend off with the final part of September's Recap!  With me once again are stayedstar, blaze 6106, & A Dark Knight.

This time we're tackling the month's Previews & Reviews, the Mario Bros. movie, and looking back at last year when the Dark Knight himself, Batman, reigned supreme on the cover of GI with more details on Arkham City. For those of you who missed the first part, we weighed in on the Question of The Month, various topics brought up in Connect, Borderlands 2, & some upcoming 3DS games, all of which can be read by clicking here.

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Time now to wrap up September's coverage...



XCOM- 2K is a publisher/developer that is quickly becoming one that gets my attention for almost every game they announce and XCOM is no exception.  I understand that for some people this departure from the type of game previous XCOMs used to be is tough, but an easy sell for me.  The concept of being a FBI agent in the 60s investigating alien activity all across the country sounds very promising to say the least.  I initially recall it being said that they were hoping to get this game out this year, but like quite a few 2K titles, it won't be making it as planned.  I am actually glad though because since then, a good bit of the game has been reworked, such as the aliens themselves, leaving me more confident that this will live up to the quality of this publisher/developers many previous titles.

Prototype 2- I'm not really looking forward to Prototype 2 as much as most of the other games you see me mention at this point, I'm just hoping it isn't a hot mess like the first one.  To be honest, I'm shocked Activision is following through with a sequel (as opposed to finishing up a promising True Crime reboot) given their restructuring of priorities on practically guaranteed hits as opposed to games with risk, which was what the first Prototype was.  As many people have mentioned before, at least this game doesn't have to go up against Infamous yet again, giving it a slightly better chance of becoming a hit next year. Here's hoping Prototype 2 is everything the first game should have been and maybe more.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3- This game is a weird case for me because there are many reasons for me to not be excited for this (more on those soon), but then again I love good fighters, so I'll probably wind up picking it up anyway.  What's really turning me off from this game is that it is coming out less than a year before its predecessor: Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  Like with Street Fighter IV, I think if Capcom is going to annualize the releases for this game just wait the year.  Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was supposed to be supported with extensive DLC, but in turn became too big a project hence this.  And while I am excited to try out all of the new fighters, I'm very baffled by some of their inclusions because I recall a few Capcom developers mentioning that characters like Ghost Rider & Phoenix Wright didn't fit with what they were aiming to achieve with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, yet here they are.  Also, Frank West was nearly finished but scrapped for similar reasons, yet he made the cut this time too.  As I said before, being a fighter fan, I can't wait to play all of these new characters myself, but I'm just confused as to why Capcom essentially lied about the hopes of some character inclusions giving us the impression they wouldn't make the cut and then including them and expecting us to be overly elated about it when some people like me were under the impression we were never going to see said characters.  Anyway, rant aside, I liked Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and while it may not be on day one, I will more than likely pick this up.

Aliens: Infestation- It seems to me promising original DS games are quickly becoming a thing of the past, leading me to believe that this may be one of the last ones I get without the support for 3D.  That being said, Wayforward has been known to work wonders on the DS, previously doing Contra 4 & the downloadable Shantae title, so I am pretty confident that this Aliens side-scrolling shooter will be just as fun.  I like how the game is going to include numerous marines and that in the event that any of them get infected you can put them down right then and there, or wait it out until they turn and potentially pay the price.  This game should be a great way to kill some time before Colonial Marines hits sometime next year.


Resistance 3- The Resistance series intrigued me from the start, due to its development by Insomniac Games ( the fine folks who brought us the inventive weapons in Ratchet & Clank ). The concept of a serious FPS mixed with Insomniac’s wacky gun design was executed every bit as well as I had hoped, and using the game’s Auger Rifle ( whose rounds paradoxically increase in power when passing through solid objects, such as walls ) and the Bullseye ( which, once the target is tagged, is capable of shooting around corners or over cover and still hit its mark ) is incredibly fun. Resistance 2 added huge bosses to the mix, leaving me to speculate what the third iteration has in store.

NBA 2K12- I love sopping up every bit of news I can about NBA 2K12. The news of the addition of several NBA legends as opposed to Jordan’s solo return is awesome, and says that the developers aren’t content with releasing a typical sports game follow-up, where a new price tag to meet the new roster and box art is about all you can expect. The most exciting thing about the upcoming NBA 2K installment is that the basketball itself is finally getting realistic physics, so the game won’t be ruled primarily by preset animations! That alone should eliminate almost all of the concerns I have with 2K11, but some tweaks to My Player mode might still be nice; Let’s see what they cook up in that category. October 4 can’t come soon enough!

Guild Wars 2- GameInformer’s September write-up of Guild Wars 2 put in on my radar alongside my top upcoming MMO choices; The Secret World, The Old Republic, and Tera. Seriously, there are far too many good-looking MMOs coming out for gamers to be expected to be functioning citizens.  The news that Guild Wars 2 uses no traditional healing or tanking classes makes it worth mentioning compared to all the too-similar MMO’s in existence, but news of each player building their character’s own unique story, which accounts for hours upon hours of exclusive content, and allegedly over 1000 possibilities, is what really grabbed and held my attention. As GameInformer says, the “Old Republic is not the only MMO pushing the storytelling front.”

Dark Souls – I’ve yet to complete Demon Souls – Dark Souls’ spiritual successor – but reading about the upcoming sequel-of-sorts makes me want to attempt a playthrough of the punishingly hard - but not annoying - game once more. Demon Souls shined for its gameplay – which valued patience and knowledge over sheer skill – one of the most unique uses of multiplayer to date ( discussed below ), and a game with enough atmosphere and fun to conceal the fact that there really wasn’t a plot or driving characters to speak of. The news of Dark Souls’ availability on Xbox 360 as well as PS3 should hopefully achieve a wider audience for what could be considered a cult classic.  Hopefully, Dark Souls continues with the trend of impressive multiplayer use; in Demon Souls, players could stumble upon messages left behind by other players which might either warn of impending danger or trick unsuspecting players to their demise. Recommending a user’s message completely restores the writer’s health if they so happen to be logged on and playing, which could potentially, with luck, save them from a bind. Recommendations help to decipher between genuine assistance and a tricking message. Furthermore, players can interact with bloodstains, littered throughout the levels, which will show the last few seconds of another player’s life and their cause of death, effectively warning of dangers to come. Also, gamers can summon friendly player-controlled spirits to assist or hostile players to battle against. All of this is more impressive when you take into account that Demon Souls is a single player game. Using these features and brain over brawn, players can hope to conquer the incredibly difficult game – that is, if they’re connected to the internet!  Many players attest to being granted feelings of genuine accomplishment from playing Demon Souls, a trend hopefully repeated in Dark Souls. Feelings of accomplishment are becoming rare in an age where games insist on giving players achievement points and trophies for performing simple and essential tasks.

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time – Sanzaru Games, developers for Sly: Cooper: Thieves in Time, are also responsible for the recent HD remake, The Sly Collection, which both caught me up and hooked me on the series. Sanzaru did a wonderful job, and will hopefully follow suit with the series’ first addition to the current console generation. Little is known at this point, but apparently Sly, Murray, and Bentley are all signed on for an adventure through time to once again recover the missing pages of the Thievius Racoonus.

God Of War: Origins Collection – I have a PSP, but I hardly ever use it, and haven’t had the drive or a chance to play either highly-rated portable installment to the God of War series, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. The second analogue stick, boosted graphics, and trophy support should finally give me the incentive to play these titles on my HDTV.  Sony’s wonderful trend of designing HD remakes of portable games is second only to designing HD remakes of outdated games for the current console generation. Keep them coming!


Soul Calibur V - Well the only thing that I really care for at the moment as far as previews go is Soul Calibur V. I have loved Every game since the second one. I really enjoyed Link in Soul Calibur 2, and I really liked the combat. The story left something to be desired, but I didn't expect much from a fighting game.  My favorite has really been Soul Calibur IV. I really liked the guest characters as well as the new ones. The fighting hit its finest, and the story for each character was fun to go through. The inclusion of online multiplayer was greatly appreciated.  Soul Calibur 5 seems to bring all these things into one game with new characters, easier to use combat and really good presentation. I hope for some cool guest character.