Almost everyone has seen it by now. Sony's E3 footage that they used to display the power and capabilities of the Playstation 3. The aftermath of this one single tech demo has been nothing short of an entire fanbase begging for more. However, most gamers may not realize everything that they would get with that HD package.

For starters, the game would need to be rebuilt entirely, from the ground up. The combat/materia system might survive the process, but the world would become something entirely different than most gamers remember. This might seem like an entirely good thing at first, but many of the enemies/ bosses would require a redesign simply to figure out just what they are. I'm not so sure that fans would be accepting of changes to the game that would be necessitated to fit a high definition display.

I mean seriously, WTF is that thing?

Next, there are some horrifyingly awkward events in the game that can be humorous with low resolution. However, with high definition these scenes are going to be a lot less awkwardly funny and a whole lot more painfully awkward. For instance, how do you feel about competing against other men, in tight one-pieces, at a squatting competition to win a wig? Or how about the over arching point of that mini game, the inevitable scene where you have to jump out and reveal that you're a man, baby? This is already one of the most awkward sequences in gaming. High definition would only bring it to a whole new level of disturbing.

Hopefully everything is tucked away properly, or else this might get awkward

Next, we look at the vast array of mini-games and side quests. Remember all of those games that you could play at the Golden Saucer. Remember how wonderful those mini-games were? Yeah, me neither. Let's break it down from the bad to the worst. First,we have Snowboarding. It was clumsy and awkward from time to time, but this game actually wouldn't need too much done to it to make it viable for a re-make.

Next, we have the G Bike machine. This game allows you to relive your glory days of hacking Shin Ra soldiers as you travel on a motorcycle behind the van carrying the rest of the party members. It wouldn't be so bad, but the camera features really aren't that great, and this play style is extremely dated by today's standards. This game will need a redesign.

Then, we have the 3D Battler. What's not to love about a game of rock paper scissors where the outcomes are mostly pre-determined. This game required nothing in the way of skill, and a whole lot of luck. Chances are, you will never advance past the 4th combatant.

Next we have Mog's House. This cute little game goes on for what seems like forever, and has absolutely no point. This can easily be trashed and I wouldn't miss it.

Finally, we'll discuss Torpedo Attack. This game will have to be entirely overhauled, as it looks and plays terrible by today's standards. I wouldn't mind seeing this mini game return, but it absolutely cannot be anything like it is today, and a lot of people will not like that.

Seriously, WTF is this?

Finally, the game is going to have to utilize more cut scenes to better explain what is going on in the game. The original managed to get away with some fairly weak storytelling from time to time due to the fact that the player is forced to imagine what is going on in greater detail. With the game now displayed in greater detail (and on my 55" LCD 1080p 120hz), it can't hide behind elements of the story that seem to be intentionally vague, or maybe were lost in translation. I can foresee this being like the extended ending to Mass Effect 3, where some people pieced their own narrative together from what was given and an updated version eliminates the possibility for that narrative direction. In addition to this, the game will likely have to have voice work done and there is always the possibility of alienating a portion of the fanbase with any sort of work from this angle.

In short, I don't think there is any way that Square Enix can take the beloved classic that is Final Fantasy VII and turn it into a high definition product without alienating and angering at least a portion of their fanbase. They're stuck in a catch 22, in which the fanbase says that they want something, but will inevitably be dissatisfied with what they receive.