Today marks 7 months since my brother's death. While this is not a blog to discuss or even continue to mourn his passing, it has served as a bit of inspiration for a blog. You see, when we were younger, we had a specific way to get back at each other when one had made the other mad. That was to delete the other's game saves from the memory cards that we shared to my Playstation. It started when he saved over my save file on Final Fantasy VII. From there, we got into a fight, and I deleted his game save in retaliation (I was 13 at the time and was an easy way to get revenge). From there, everytime we got into a fight, it was always a good idea to hide the memory cards, because more than likely game saves would be deleted otherwise.

Now, Final Fantasy VII was one of my brother's favorite games, but with all of our fighting (and subsequent deletion of game saves) he never end up finishing the game. This has been one of the many things that I've thought about since his passing. This is where the idea for this blog came in.

Video games provide us with a seemingly unlimited number of scenarios and stories to play, in which we are capable of being the hero. From the furthest reaches of space, to the bottom of the sea, to the battlefields of foreign lands, if you can dream of it, there is likely a game that features the opportunity to live out that scenario. Yet, if the world were to end tomorrow, what games would I have never gotten around to playing, bosses would I have never defeated, or what acts of heroism would be left unperformed? In other words, what would be my good left undone (as it pertains to video games)?

Defeating Ruby Weapon - Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was one of my favorite games for the Playstation. I've done just about everything there is to do in the game. I've bred a gold chocobo, completed the Enemy Skill materia, found every ultimate weapon and limit break, even defeated Emerald weapon. However, the one task that I have never accomplished, that I keep telling myself I will, is to defeat the Ruby Weapon. The battle with Ruby Weapon is particularly difficult. If you come into the battle with all team members alive, it will take one or two out of the battle completely (no reviving). If you come in with two KOed, you can revive them, but if you utilize the Pheonix summon (which will revive all party members), it will take party members out of the fight. So, you have to use revive or pheonix downs.

From there, you can't utilize the most powerful summon in the game, Knights of the Round, otherwise, it will use an attack, capable of wiping out the majority of your party's health. It will then take party members out of the fight. So, you are stuck utilizing weaker attacks. On top of this, it has tentacles that it will put into the ground that emerge on your back side. When this happens, you cannot attack it, or else, it will take party members out of the battle. Sounds tough, huh?

Well it is, and it is one example of a heroic act that I have yet to accomplish.

Defeated Dr. Wily - Mega Man Series

I've been playing Mega Man games for as far back as I can remember. My brother and I used to always rent Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 from the grocery store near my grandmother's farm when we were kids and played the hell out of the games. I've managed to get very far in these games, even managing to beat a few levels in Wily's castle, but I've never managed to defeat the evil scientist.

Experienced One Of Samus's Greatest Adventures - Super Metroid

Growing up, I always liked playing Metroid. I didn't own it myself, but a friend down the street from  me did, and we used to play it quite a bit. I've played just about every Metroid game ever made, except for Super Metroid. I'm not entirely sure of how this happened. If memory serves, this was around the time that I started to get into RPGs and just never ended up picking the game up or renting it.

Recently, I picked it up on Virtual Console, but haven't had much time to play it since I am trying to hit 110,000 gamerscore by the end of the year. From what I am told, I should enjoy the game, as it is similar to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in terms of exploring and upgrading. So, I am looking forward to playing it, but if the world were to end tomorrow, it would be just another experience that I will have missed out on.

Save Earth From the Reapers - Mass Effect 3

Now, I know a few of you are thinking "but this game isn't out yet." While this may be true, but if the world ended tomorrow, I would never have the chance to finish this series, which is one of my favorites of all time. I can't think of another game that I have anticipated this strongly.  If the world were to end tomorrow, this would be one of my biggest (gaming) regrets. Besides, if the world were to end tomorrow, it could definitely use some one there to save it.

These are just a small number of examples of experiences that reside on my imaginary bucket list of gaming. What about all of you? What games or bosses would you regret never beating? Any games that you simply wish you had played?