Greetings readers and fellow achievement hunters alike. It is time for another entry about my quest for 75,000 gamerscore by the end of the year. As I stated last week, things slowed down a little bit for me this week. I had a few games I wanted to get as many achievements as I could before I traded them in to help me afford Bioshock 2. I wanted to get Dante's Inferno as well, but I just can't afford it. So, I added it to my Game Q on Gamefly and hope that it will be one of my next few games to come in.

The majority of the games that I received achievements in this week were fighting games. Before I give the break down of my points for the week, I feel that I should mention that I can be an angry gamer. I have played some games that have infuriated me to the point of hurling insults at the game, that were so off the wall and vulgar that it makes my girlfriend laugh, and would likely make a sailor blush in shame.

Now, I tell you all this because no game type infuriates me more than fighting games. On the Playstation 2, I broke 3 controllers from getting angry at Mortal Kombat: Deception. Normally, I would become infuriated enough that I would bring my hands together as hard as I could. Unfortunately, I would forget that I had a controller there. Needless to say, the controller pop open, or a piece would break off. From there I would take the controller out into the hallway or "hall of shame" and twirl the controller around a little bit before slamming it as hard as I could into the ground. So, that said, fighting games piss me off now on to the breakdown.

This week saw me start Crackdown. I enjoyed what I played, but seeing as how much there is to do in that game and that I have been rather busy, I am going to be playing through that one in small segments. I was only able to get the First Blood (10G) and Take Me To Your Supply Point (10G) achievements. I am really looking forward to being able to climb to the top of the headquarters in that game. I had fun climbing just a small portion and can only imagine the jump off the top.

Next up was Halo 3, where I finally figured out where the Ghost was on Longshore, and got myself the Ghost Patrol achievement (25G). Sadly enough, I still have yet to go through all the levels to with points turned on to get the meta-game achievements. If anyone is interested, send me a conversation on here and we can set up a time.

After Halo 3, My friend decided to prevent me from trading in Dead or Alive 4, until I helped him with some online achievements. Since I was helping him, I figured I might as well get them as well. This led to me getting 15 achievements (four of which were for zero points) and convinced me to keep playing the game to get a few more. All told, I ended up with 19 achievements for 325G. They are the Total Playtime 10 Hrs. (20G), 5 Straight Wins In DOA Online (10G), 10 Wins In DOA Online (10G), 10 Straight Wins In DOA Online (25G), 20 Straight Wins In DOA Online (40G), Achieved Grade "B" (20G), 5 Straight Losses In DOA Online (0G), 10 Straight Losses In DOA  Online (0G), 20 Straight Losses In DOA Online (0G), Won a Gold Star (30G), 50 Wins In DOA Online (20G), Won a Silver Star (20G), Won a Bronze Star (10G), Achieved Grade "D" (0G), 100 Wins In DOA Online (30G), Silver In Time Attack (Single) (20G), Gold In Time Attack (Single) (40G), Bronze In Time Attack (Single) (10G), and Unlock Tengu (20G) achievements.

Needless to say, after getting all of those, I hope I never play that game again. The lack of stackable achievements meant ridiculous amount of time was put into the game to get a weaker achievement, that to be honest should have unlocked when the time was beaten. Because of the lack of stacked achievements, I was turned completely away from this game. I might have played it more, but the difficulty coupled with with the lack of a competent system for unlocking achievements within the game was too much for me to stick with it, and it now resides at my local Gamestop.

Next, I decided to torture myself more by playing Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe. For starters, whoever thought that this was a good combination, needs to lay off the crack they've been smoking. This game is just as ridiculous as it sounds like it would be. Not only did they come up with a storyline that only a moron could enjoy, but they dumbed down the fighting system that I actually enjoyed from Deadly Alliance and Deception into a worthless button masher. But I digress.....

From this game I managed another 5 achievements for 230G. They are the Challenger! (10G), Combo Champion (20G), MK Arcade Champion (50G), The Finisher (100G), and DC Arcade Champion (50G) achievements. I also took 3 hours out of my life to perform every special move and pro-move, only to have the game glitch and not give me the 100G achievement I had earned. Needless to say, I was angry. This too now resides at my local Gamestop.

As I mentioned before I traded in quite a few games to be able to afford Bioshock 2. Before I picked it up, I made certain to finish off the Weapon Specialist (20G) and Historian (50G) achievements. That leaves me with only the Brass Balls achievement, and to be honest, I'm not looking forward to attempting that one.

Lastly, I received BlazBlue from Gamefly, and have started to play that, resulting in just 1 achievement for 10G, Hello World! I am really liking this game. I am currently a little over halfway through the arcade mode on the hardest difficulty, then I plan to go through on easier difficulties so I can just enjoy this game. Its refreshing to see a fighting game that doesn't revolve around a tournament to determine the strongest fighter in the world (i.e. Tekken, Street Fighter, DOA, Mortal Kombat).

So, this week only brought me 680 achievement score, but I am starting to clear some of my older games that I have been looking to get rid of. For the next week I will be playing BlazBlue and Bioshock 2, while mixing in a few other games here and there. I'm not expecting a whole lot of points this next week, but I could end up surprising myself. I will keep you all posted. So, until next week, happy hunting.