To be perfectly honest its stupid, each console gives a reason to be bought, Wii gives motion controls mario and zelda. Xbox360 gives better online and Halo and gears. PS3 gives free decent online infamous little big planet and God of War. Everybody just realize that each console gives bonus for purchase, each gives great several series that are worth playing, each has its mascots and its pros and cons.Give up your Fanboyisim. I for one cant imagine this "console war" to continue into the next generation of gaming I don't want to still have to hear about how great the Xbox720 kicks the PS4 ass and the Wii2 sucks ass and how the PS4 kicks the Xbox720s ass and how Mario is gay with bowser and how master chief is really a chick , I am sick of it as I think we all are. we really have two choices here admit that all consoles have pros and cons or continue to acting like total idiots. now the link below is a bit of a reward for you reading.