I really hate writing about myself. I’m boring, or at least I am compared to what I will be writing about at Game Informer as an intern for the next three months. If you’re reading this, then you, like me, have a love for video games and the culture (when it behaves) surrounding it. Either that or you managed one crazy typo in the URL.

I first began writing about games with a few friends the summer before I attended college. I had no idea what I was doing, but it eventually led to me declaring journalism as my major, and now I cringe at how rough my early work is. My entire purpose of attending college has been to improve as a writer so that I can someday land a job writing about games. I also invested in things like Dan Amrich’s and Nathan Meunier’s books on video game journalism, and even an online video game journalism class taught by Hilary Goldstein. 

Those were all helpful in building me a foundation, but getting this internship has probably been the biggest step I’ve taken. I have even pushed back my graduation date by a semester just to come here. When Matt Miller first interviewed me, he asked if I would be willing to do that. It was, by far, the easiest question he asked the entire interview.

The office itself is pretty much a geek paradise. Video game statues and artwork is everywhere – my favorite is the Skyrim statue dual-wielding a sword and gun – the editors’ desks are cluttered with action figures and game swag, and there are even some arcade machines tucked into a corner. It’s also a journalist’s paradise, what with there being plenty of coffee. For some reason there is also a ton of Halloween themed breakfast cereal in the kitchen, even though Halloween was months ago. Probably best not to ask…

Other than games, I have an extreme interest in anything Joss Whedon-related. His work on TV, movies and comics are outstanding. I recently decided it would be really cool to have a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tattoo, but I have no specific idea in mind. I also have an unnatural obsession with the highly underrated British author Chris Wooding. Whenever I meet someone from the UK I ask if they’ve heard of him. It’s a really awkward introduction. If you’re a fan then let me know; we can geek out together. 

When I’m not playing games, watching TV, or reading, I can usually be found drinking copious amounts of coffee or playing Ultimate Frisbee. It’s the ultimate sport, it’s even right there in the title. Or I’m jamming out to my two favorite bands: Brand New and Straylight Run. 

I love a pretty random assortment of games, with no specific genre loyalty. My favorites include: Kingdom Hearts, Bioshock, Dishonored, Tecmo Super Bowl (which I still consider to be the best sports game), Portal 2, inFamous, The Last of Us, Gone Home, Bastion, Fire Emblem and probably some others. If I didn’t mention your favorite game, I am sorry. I have an embarrassing, large pile of shame. Also, Final Fantasy 5 is my favorite of the series, so I don’t even claim to have “good taste.” 

P.S. Burritos and Hot wings are the best.