I'm back with another tale of my gaming experiences from the night before, though if I'm honest... part of what I'm going to tell you happened two nights ago. Perhaps I should change the name to About Last Last Night...

We'll see. Maybe. 


I already mentioned Injustice 2 in my previous "About Last Night" post, but BOY have I got a story for you. My brother-in-law bought the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 for Playstation 4 at GameStop. He had some points and had also traded some stuff in, so he paid very little out of pocket for it. The guy HATES fighting games, but he did play the original Injustice and really enjoyed the story mode. So for whatever weird reason, he decides to go all-in and buy the Ultimate Edition of the newest game because he knows unlike himself, I LOVE fighting games, and he offered to let me buy it from him at a pretty sweet price. All he wanted to do was play the story mode, and then he'd give it to me. I've played basically all of my fighting games the past two console generations on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but the deal was too good to pass up and I accepted. Side Note: The adapter I got for my 360 fightstick can supposedly let me use it even on PS4, so I hope that ends up being true. 

Last last night, I decided to redeem the code for the Ultimate Edition content. It failed. I tried it again, and it failed again. I texted Steve (the aforementioned brother-in-law) to make sure he hadn't used the code. He assured me he hadn't, so I was stuck and wasn't sure what to do next. A few minutes later, Steve sent me a text with a link to an article about codes not working for Injustice 2. Apparently Sony had originally set the codes to expire the day the game released, but the article said they had since fixed this issue and provided a phone number to call in case your code still wasn't working.

Ah. Hope. 

So I called Sony and gave them my account information and the code, and they informed me that the code wasn't expired. It had, in fact, been used. I trusted that my brother-in-law had told me the truth about not using the code, but I couldn't help but be curious if he had used it without remembering that he had done so. I gave his PSN idea to the person I was talking to and asked if this was the account that redeemed the code. They were not able to provide that information, so I asked Steve if he would call them to see if he was the one that redeemed it. If not, he was going to have to call GameStop and talk to them about it. 

Yesterday, he called me and informed me of some pretty hilarious news. Last week, his brother had come over while he was sleeping (he's been sleeping during the day due to his daughter's health) and played Injustice 2 with Steve's boys. He thought he'd help Steve out & redeem the code for him. I'm laughing as I type this as it's just too funny to me. Poor guy, he felt terrible. I told him not to worry about it, I'm just glad we figured out the mystery of the used code. 


So back to last night...


I played Injustice 2 for a bit, and then I played some more Swapper, which I bought during the most recent PSN Flash Sale. It's a great puzzle game. I haven't gotten stuck on any of the puzzles for very long. Well... until last night. It was weird too, because I had a good sense of what I needed to do, I just wasn't sure exactly how I was going to pull it off. There's been plenty of puzzles that I initially didn't even know how to begin to construct a plan for what I was going to do. But with this one, I had the right idea... it just took quite awhile to execute it properly. I think I'm getting close to the end of the game, but I might not be as close as I think. I keep reaching these gates that require a large number of orbs. I finished up an area that required 40-some to access and now I'm working on a new area that required some number in the 60s. There's a gate beyond that that requires over 90. 

This morning, I was thinking about the games I played last night and I started thinking about how the Swapper duplicates himself, and so does Swamp Thing. It's become pretty common for indie game characters to make appearances in other games, though it's usually in another indie game. What do you say? Swapper as a DLC character for Injustice 2? For his super move (L2 + R2), he could transfer himself to his opponent & just make them walk off a cliff (and then transfer back before impact, of course).

Feel free to tweet that idea to Ed Boon. 


That's all I've got, thanks.