Here we are again with yet another episode of Robot in the C-, I mean Super Console Club! This month, we are joined by Titus Welch who was one of the three hosts of Robot in the Corner (It's crazy to think it's been over 3 years since we ended that show!) Titus is also doing the gaming challenge & he catches us up on the games he has beat so far this year. Dean shares his top 5 favorite indie games and asks the guys which consoles they still want to get. And of course, as always, we share music from the games we've been playing. 

Here's a link to MP3 if you can't get the player to work.

So... not that it's a competition, but it would be fun to know what was your favorite music from the selection of songs we shared this month. :)

Also, y'all really ought to check out Titus' serial novel, Pneumadiluvians, that he's selling via Amazon. It's legit.