I love Jerry Seinfield's comedy web series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." It's a very funny show that's also very informal. I enjoy watching Jerry hanging out with his comedian friends & having casual conversations with them. This week, I started thinking about the video game industry having something like this. I can't decide who would be the host of the show, but I have already thought of several guests.

At the beginning of the show, Jerry calls his guest(s) and ask them if they would like to get some coffee. He then drives and picks them up. For the sake of not being a straight rip-off, the show would use cabs instead of the host driving like Seinfield does. Here are the opening phone conversations I've imagined for Game Developers in Cabs Getting Coffee:


"Coffee, Reggie?"

"My body, my body is ready." 

Reggie Fils-Aime is not a video game developer, but he's in the video game industry & I just had to include him.  



"Hey Ken Levine, wanna get some coffee?"

"We all make choices... and I guess the choice we're making today is coffee."



"Coffee, Mr. Molyneux?"

"First of all, let's put this in context. Know your audience. Is this coffee for you or for me? For someone else?"



"Hello, David. Would you like to get some coffee?" 

"You know what? I don't like the way people make coffee. I have my own way that I prefer to make coffee. I'll come, but I'm going to make my own coffee. And if they don't like the way I make coffee, I don't care."



"Hey Cliffy, wanna get some coffee?" 

"HA! ...... Sorry, I was just picturing gamers going into a coffee shop and asking to buy used coffee..."



"Hello, Mr. Kojima. Would you be interested in getting some coffee with me?"

"Yes. This may serve as inspiration. Perhaps I might include a scene of Snake drinking coffee in my next Metal Gear game. While we are there, I would like to bounce some ideas off you for my next prank..."


That's all the opening conversations I could picture. I had a few more, but they felt a little forced. I'll share one of them, just for kicks:


"Hey Gabe, you up for getting some coffee?"

"Yeah, but we'll stop at two cups. The third one can wait..."