This will be a rather short blog, but I think it's worth sharing.


I've had the same email account since I was about 15 years old. I currently have a few additional email addresses (one personal and one from work), but I still have and use that first email account I setup on Yahoo back in the day. I'm anal about everything, including email, so I don't seem to have any emails from Jr. High or High School (they were all deleted long ago), but I discovered that I still have a few older emails from the early 2000s, which honestly seems like a lifetime ago; considering I've been married for the past six years and have a daughter that's 17 months old now. The oldest email in my friends folder is an email I sent to Titus about Driver 3 on June 8, 2004. I was really embarrassed when I read it, but I was also quite amused and decided I should share it in a blog. Enjoy.



January 8, 2004

To: Titus

Subject: Driv3r

Oh wow! I went to the "official site" for Driver 3, and it looks like it's going to be "Thee game". The graphics are amazing! I have seen a few things here and there about the game before, but I never had a clue it was going to be that killer. Plus, it's got motorbikes and boats, just like GTA Vice City, only the graphics on this make Vice City look pretty cheesy. Anywhoo, that will be a most definate buy for me. And I knew you had said you were gonna get it. Now, I'm just even more excited about it.





I can't get over the fact that I said, " looks like it's going to be 'thee game.'" HAHA! I don't care if the email was about Batman: Arkham City - that's just a cheesy thing to say. Speaking of cheesy... I said, "...the graphics on this make Vice City look pretty cheesy." Granted, I still think Driver 3 is a great looking game for its time, but as I recall, I didn't even finish it and I still consider Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to be one of the best games on Playstation 2. I've definitely learned since then that better graphics doesn't equate to a better game. Additionally, there are a few spelling mistakes that are comical to me. It took me a long time to break my habit of misspelling the words 'definite' and 'definitely'. 

It's too bad this email wasn't about The Getaway. Now there's a "it's like Grand Theft Auto" game that I actually liked.