This past weekend, I finished completing the achievements for Darksiders 2. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, 100 waves of the Crucible challenge & all. However, I must say...




Here's why:

During the course of playing this excellent game, I came across a few invisible creatures. They are difficult to see in screenshots (probably because they're invisible), so I added a drawing of a monster to help get the point across that there are invisible monsters in the game.

You can't see him because he's invisible, but there is a monster in front of Death. 


I was excited about this. I thought, "Maybe the Shadow Mask from the previous game is in this game, too. I'm sure I'll get that or something else later in the game so I can fight these invisible monsters AND... MAYBE they'll give me some awesome loot!"




I completed the game, then completed it again on New Game+ and I never came across any items that would allow me to interact with these mysterious creatures. Initially I thought, "Maybe these creatures are a super secret. Maybe I should explore some more & see if I can find the super secret item that would let me fight these guys." Of course, my curiosity led to an internet search rather than a more thorough search of the map. I have no regrets though because I found out from my internet search that re-exploring the map would have been A HUGE WASTE OF TIME!!! Why? Because the invisible monsters can only be fought if you bought Darksiders 2 from GameStop.


Using the Bloodless Talisman given by Draven [pictured above] during The Bloodless quest (part of the GameStop pre-order exclusive DLC, "Death Rides" pack), that, when equipped, allows you to see and interact with the bloodless when you are close enough in a fashion similar to the Mask of Shadows in the original Darksiders.


So... rather than being a really cool quest that could have added to the game's lasting appeal, it's something that makes you feel like the game is taunting you. "Ooh... you noticed that there is an invisible creature walking around in this room, huh? You're probably trying to figure out what their significance is, huh? Well... hate to break it to ya buddy, but you're not going to figure it out because you bought this game from the wrong store! HAHA!" Even if they added it as free DLC in the future, it just falls flat for me. Personally, it ticks me off that the creatures are in the game, but they might as well not be because I didn't buy the game from GameStop.


What do you think? Am I just being a baby? Would/did this tick you off? What are your thoughts on pre-order bonuses? I'm mad about this more in a Jerry Seinfeld way than a George Costanza way, so know that I'm not being super cereal about this - just kinda cereal. Life goes on & I won't be boycotting Vigil Games. In fact, I really like Vigil Games!