In a not too surprising turn of events, Activision announced yet another entry to the Call of Duty franchise.  But it's not quite what you were expecting, was it?  Yes, two of the most whored out franchises have apparently had sex in the back of a car and conceived this abomination of a game.  *Sigh*  Where do we begin?

Well, for one, I guess this is a different direction for the Lego series.  For the first time ever, you can control a Lego character from a first person view!  Yay!  What it also means is your aim will be limited to a 360 degree vertical rotation.  If you plan on shooting someone to the right of you, you'd better think again.  Says Mark Lamia of Treyarch: "[The aiming] wasn't exactly our decision...  I mean, I know we make some shitty games, but this is just ridiculous."  He went on to blame co-developer Traveller's Tales for this decision.

The game is a unique entry to the franchise, being a Legofied compilation of all six games in the main Call of Duty series, in addition to several newly created levels built specifically around the Lego theme.  While we don't entirely see the point of this, we are a bit curious to see how they manage to fit all this content onto one disc.