Well I thought I'd keep the initialism secret for a while, but all you need to know is that i love video games and that the mascot's name is Leon. That should be enough clues for the clever among you. Also the type of animal he is should help with deciphering the initialism too.

What are we?

Well first the we is more just me at the moment, and what I want us to be is a animal sanctuary that caters to dog like carnivores exclusively. 

What are Dog-Like Carnivores?

There are the obvious ones like Wolves and Dogs, then they can get as crazy and as obscure as Walruses and Seals. The technical name for the sub-order of the order of Carnivore is Caniformia or Canoidea.

Why I love them?

Growing up I was forced to be a "loner", since my disruptive antics made me every parents worst nightmare. So I was never allowed to hang out with my peers outside of school, for fear of tainting their kids and spreading my anarchical ways to them like the Chicken Pox. So my only friend and companion was our mutt Einstein (we don't know what he was, but he definitely belonged to the hound group). He was a great dog, and died some time in my early teens. So the Facility (that's the F in RCCRF) is there to honor him and protect his types from extinction and educate people about them (the more obscure ones mostly).

A Lightly Themed Experience

As I said I love video games, sure I haven't played many from this generation, but the classics are good enough for me (lack of money). The facility draws its name from a video game's fictional city  and as such will be ever so lightly themed, since I don't want to take the focus off of the real cause. One clear give-away is the mascot and figurehead Leon. I hope to have a full featured Hospital on the premise so i can address any medical concerns the residents may have right away. That may have an octagonal roof on it that's painted in a red and white pattern. I'm still trying to get permission from Capcom to use their town name (even though its not protected by any "marks" or copyrights), and I could technically use it since it falls under the no-compete clause in our lovely patent system, but would love to have their and Mikami's  blessing since it's the right thing to do. And we might start to slowly encroach on patent conflict territory if I go ahead and name the hospital "Umbrella Pharmaceuticals" and open it up to the public even though its intent is education, it could fall under entertainment and then we get into that nasty competition issue, since unlike Raccoon City, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals is protected by a constantly updated copyright. 

What I need from those reading this?

Nothing more than followers and supporters, funding request will come later (when I get the shirts ready, which should be soon). That's it. Hit up my about me page to get a list of sites I belong to and you can follow me on. The page is:


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Thanks for reading this and thanks for your support.