In recent months I've found that I'm hearing more and more about downloadable content for some games before the main game has even been released.  I remember hearing about DLC when The Beatles Rock Band was announced at E3.  In a preview I saw on X-Play for the Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen video game, they were talking about new characters eventually becoming available as DLC. More recently, I've heard that the folks behind the Final Fantasy XIII team are exploring the possibility of adding new areas, items, and enemies as DLC.

I know developers are on a tight schedule, and DLC gives those developers a chance to add content that they may have meant to be in the original release, but just didn't have the time to do so.  That's fine, that's what DLC is there for.  However, talking about possible DLC for a game before it's even released can basically equate to the developers admitting that they intended for the final product you see on store shelves to have more content on it than it already has.  Personally, I don't want to hear about those things until the game has been out for at least a month or 2, otherwise it makes me feel like I'm getting ripped off after dropping $60 for that game.

Another thing that's been bothering me is when DLC adds achievements/trophies.  It's already challenging enough to unlock every achievement/trophy in a given game, but  it's absurd when you have to buy DLC in order to obtain all the achievements/trophies.  Gamers shouldn't have to purchase add on content in order to get 100% completion in any given game.

One last thing that's been grinding my gears lately are the popular titles that get Game of the Year editions released for the same price as the original game, but has most of the current DLC for that game preloaded onto the disk, or has a voucher with a code to get the DLC for free.  Take LittleBigPlanet for instance, the GOTY edition for that game is touting that it has $30 worth of DLC for the same price that people bought the game for a year ago. 

That wouldn't be so bad if the developers also made the same DLC available for free for early adopters of the game after the release of the GOTY edition, however they don't.  Why are they willing to throw extra content to late adopters for free, but they refuse to throw a bone to the people that made their game so popular in the first place?  What's fair about that?  We paid the same amount for the same game a year ago, shouldn't we be entitled to have access to the same content that people who bought the game a year later have for the same price?

I really hope that in the future developers would be more considerate about when they announce DLC, as well as making DLC available for the same price regardless of what edition of a game you purchase.  People that want first access to DLC can pay to have access to that content earlier, but once a Game of the Year edition with free extra content comes out, that DLC should become available for free for those that bought the regular edition of the game but didn't want to pay to have first access to the extra content.