Before You Read: Ok so this is my first GaMe and I don’t really know how good this turned up. Please don’t give no hate I have never been good at making up stories but I think I’m getting used to it. I used a lot of info from GvS’s  so a couple parts may not make sense. If you want to see what he used go to GoldVsSilver’s page and read his bio and that should help. Enjoy!


Day 1 on Earth: My name is GVS I’m from the greatest known planet on the earth and work for the special agency there. I was on a top secret mission that not even the president knew about. It was my job and it was risky, I didn’t want to do it! I never did not once in my life did I think I would have to do that to so many family’s!  But yet I did it, and what did I end up doing, sleeping in there own blood, for over 100 years in a cryosleep. It was right after my vacation from mars. The government had laid me off for a few months. I thought I would never have to go back to this job and look at me now, 100 years in the future! But all I know is that its 2112 and I have to restart my life on this place known as Earth.


Day 2 on Earth: I wake up to see the sun in my face; I spent the night in a trash bin behind a bar in Detroit Michigan. I take a stroll down the street trying to see if a job opening is near. Even though I know no one may ever hire me but after being with the agency for that long, I never want to go back ever! It’s getting late and while walking I notice a group of guys walking behind me. They try talking to me but I don’t respond and keep walking away. “We found a keeper boys” I here them say behind me. I here a very loud BANG! I fall to the ground knowing I got hit by a bullet. Not knowing what to do I try getting back up but I can’t. I feel my back to see where the bullet wound is but I end up not feeling anything. No blood was gushing out my body soon was feeling great again. I remembered from hundreds of years ago how my dad put a spell on me. The spell was to make me live forever. I never really noticed if the spell worked or not just didn’t seem to age a lot. I guess this was part of the spell. I started running trying to remember anything else from back then. They kept shooting at me and I remembered my best aspect. I had about 17 degree’s in college, but my biggest major is kick-butt action. I stopped in my tracks and let the thugs shoot me. I turned around running at them with all my speed. I ran up the guy with the gun and disarmed him in an instant. I through the gun to the side while curb stomping the guy. His teeth were broken into bits with blood gushing all around his face. I looked up at his buddies and they turned around running for there lives. I found a nice place to rest for the night and hoped nothing bad would happen again.


Day 3 on Earth: “Today I am going to find a job no matter what” This is what I tell my self everyday but I just can’t seem to find one. I asked the nice lady at the store and she said she might have an opening. I am now returning to the store to see what she has to say. On the way I notice the place is quiet and very lonely. After hearing a scream in the distance breaking the peacefulness I get kind of worried. I hurry to the store knowing I don’t want to hurt anyone again. When I reach the store I notice that 3 large men with ski mask’s are inside the store. One has a gun and the other too was going to the back. I know they are after the lady. I hurry inside grabbing the man with the gun without the two men in the back noticing me. I quickly pull the man to the ground punching him several times in the face. He is instantly knocked out. I grab the phone from the desk calling the police, while having the conversation I hear the lady scream again and run to the back. “Where is the money?” The man yells at her while pulling her hair. The woman is crying and notices me “HELP!” She screams. The men look at me in amassment. “How did he get past?” The man didn’t even finish talking before I pounded his face in, the other man gives up kneeling to the ground. “Are you OK?” I ask the frightened woman. “Yes, Yes I am… Thank you” They both stare into each others eyes. The woman walks over and gives the man a kiss. Knowing the man still needed a job she offered the job she was talking about before. “I think my life is turning around now” I say to myself. “Well there is one more thing you could use in your life.” The woman says. “What else is there?” “Well I guess it’s not what you need but what I need… I need you. Someone to care and love me just like you do.” GoldVsSilver and the woman stand there kissing for many moments and start hearing the sirens of police cars.


Years Later


            My life is perfect I have a wonderful wife, many kids and a wonderful job. I guess Earth wasn’t so bad after all. I will always remember those horrible days of being in the agency but I know I can forget my old planet life and just get to know the best place in the universe, Earth.


* Dawson Wyckoff