So this Saturday going to a Royal Bliss concert in Utah at Club Vegas, I really enjoy their music and well they have a band with them I haven't heard of so went and checked them out.  My friend had the music on his PC and was playing some and I was like wow they are pretty good.

So searched The American Hitmen, and they are 4 Marines who meet each other in Iraq in 2004, and went on to creat this band.  I think that is great for them to serve our country in the first place, that takes a brave person and someone with heart to go out in the face of death to serve your country.  Providing everyone at home the freedoms that we are all use to.  So that is great that they could find each other and able to go create some wonderful music, I think they are a great band to check out.

Here is there website, it show where they are playing coming up.

Also another site with a small bio about them

I hope you all enjoy the music as much as I have, it is great to find new bands and hope they have success.