So I got my disc today, and it really is amazing.  You get a code after putting your disc in and enter it at netflix website, once you enter it is connected and you are ready to start streaming your movies on to the PS3.  You can choose from the PS3 the movies you want in your queue or even just play straight from there.  But you can also add movies to the queue from the website also.  So it provides you options, so I can be at work choose the movies I want to watch that night and if I feel different once I get home I can just switch it up on the PS3 anyways.  You only get 100 options in each category, but if you rate the movies it will attempt to put ones that you may like, so you may have to go on the website too choose ones that don't show up on the PS3.  But you can just use the web browser on the PS3 if you have too and go too netflix on there.

The movies stream well, and look nice.  You don't have a long time to wait for it too stream onto the PS3.  So anyone else gets this shall really enjoy this.

For those worried about the disc, well it says on the disc you get that this is only for a little bit that it will be added to the XMB in 2010 later on.  Also so you know you can use the disc on more than one PS3 and also order more discs if needed.  Hopefully with the news that Best Buy is getting into the action and adding a service like netflix and blockbuster and also Apple adding news that they will have 30 dollar service and rumors are that you can get any TV show or movie once this is provided that netflix will get more TV shows and movies added than they already have.  But really this isn't so bad, yeah you have to use a disc but not like you are playing a game while you are watching a movie, so I don't find this is a issue, but in 2010 we will see this added to the XMB so until than, I will live with the disc. 

Also another note, PS3 America is getting Vidzone which is a music video app in Europe right now, and that is also good news.  All these new features coming to PS3 is a nice deal, and it only keeps getting better.  I mean heck the PS3 really does EVERYTHING!!!  LOL