I know this may be a touchy subject to have but I have noticied this for awhile now, and it is video games are racist.  Now I will say I am not African American, but it is something I have noticied.  Now yes there are african americans in games, but I am talking about a African American hero in a game, not just a side kick or game that you have multiple characters and one is African American.  I do know of a few, like the one with Samuel Jackson as the Samurai or CJ from GTA but really there is a few in a world of white main characters, now yeah we have went far with adding female leads but now we need to add some other races.  Now yeah I am not saying I am not going to play games from now on, but I think that game companies need to take a look into this.  I don't want them to go throw a character together just to be political correct, but why haven't we seen some more characters of different races. 

For I would like to see some more effort into adding some better character thought into games and provide a difference.  Also I have a feeling that because of this it really does cut people from playing games because they don't have a lot of characters that relate to them.  The main character usually shoudl relate to the player and so they feel a connection, and games have been really forgetting other races. 

Now this is just some thoughts, you may agree or disagree with me on this.  But for some of us wanting to get into making video games, or writers, maybe if we think about this we can now make a change for the better.  I am not wanting to say we need every type of character out there, but it wouldn't be bad to add some variety to the hero characters and provide characters to all gamers to relate to.