1)  What was the last video game dud you purchased?

Two Worlds. Not Two Worlds II, Two Worlds. The original. The one that got a 3/10 from GIO. I managed to play five whole minutes before becoming violently disgusted and quitting. Luckily I only paid five dollars for it.


2) Do you reserve/pre-order games? If so, how many are reserved at the moment, and what was the last game you received that was reserved?

(Pic not related.)

Nope. I buy games once they're out and have been reviewed by several sites. Money's tight for me: I'm not wasting cash on a game that might suck, unless it's a cheap impulse buy.


3)  What was your last launch day purchase?

... ... ... ... *tumbleweeds* ... ... ... *crickets* ... ... ... ... ...

I have NEVER bought anything on launch day. NEVER. Tried to buy a Wii, but they were sold out by the time I got to the head of the line. And yet the store still had the boxes on display. I was a little peeved.


4)  Do you buy used? If not, wtf, man? If so, what was the last gem you found that was worth more than what it cost?

Of course I buy used! That's where 3/4 of my game library comes from! As for gems, well, I found Metal Gear Solid 2 for $4, Overlord for $5, Fallout 3 for $20... I'd say those were all worth more than what I paid for them. Especially Fallout 3. 


5) What's your guilty pleasure game? Don't lie - everyone has one! Or twelve!

Other than the occasional Rock Band binge? I don't have guilty pleasure games. No, really. I've got too little time as it is. No time to waste on games that aren't at least 80% awesome.


6) If you could end one current trend in gaming, what would it be?

Yearly sequels. No matter HOW good a game is, yearly sequels are not the way to go. That is all.


7) If you could start a trend in gaming (to take the place of the one you ended, perhaps), what would it be?

Well, I'd like to see more accommodations made for disabled gamers, especially if those accommodations only require simple tweaks. (Full captions, for example.) I'd also like to see more respect and equality towards what are perceived as gaming "minorities." Oh, and I'd like DRM to die in a horrible plane crash. 


8)  Recommend a game to readers that they haven't played but should.

Thief? Yeah, that's all I can think of. My tastes tend towards mainstream. I suppose I could recommend Pon's games, if they ever get made...


9)  If you could turn any one game into a series, what would it be and why?

I dunno... I'd like to see more Warhammer 40K games... Maybe one from the view of a normal soldier instead of a Spess Muhreen? Yeah, that sounds good.


10) What's your favorite animated movie?

You're gonna laugh... The Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings. Stop laughing! I CAN HEAR YOU LAUGHING! 

Ok, not really. Favorite animated movie? The Incredibles. Yeah. The Incredibles.