Yeah, yeah, I know. "Caudex, don't you EVER do anything original?" NO. No I do not. I'm a horribly unoriginal person. Any chance to jump on a bandwagon, I'll probably take it. So, with this whole 10 questions thing, I suppose I should join in, eh?



Question 1 - What was the first video game system you owned?

The Nintendo 64. And no, I didn't play Goldeneye, or Zelda, or Perfect Dark. I played Donkey Kong 64. All. The. Time. My younger self didn't know better. If only I could go back and slap some sense into him...


Question 2 - What is your favorite game of all time and why?

Oooooh... Tough one. I have a lot of favorite games, but I'd have to say that my favorite game of all time is Fallout 3. I love the world, the choices you get to make, the combat, the little hidden backstories, the joys of discovery, the evolution into an unstoppable angel of justice, the main questline (The incident at Project Purity was possibly the only game event to actually enrage/sadden me.). Everything feels right.


Question 3 -  What game would you recommend that readers probably haven't played?

Crud. I have such mainstream tastes--I only recently discovered indie games, and I'm sadly lacking in knowledge of many great games that my younger self never played. That said, I'd have to go with Pokemon Snakewood. It's a fan remix of Pokemon Ruby that's filled with zombies, monstrous Pokemon mashups, and general madness. Think Resident Evil crossed with Pokemon. It is a hack, so you have to download and emulate it. But it's awesome anyhow. 


Question 4 - What is the greatest console in the history of gaming?

OUYA! Nah... Just messing with ya. Hoo, another tough one. I'm gonna go with the NES. It's pretty much what restarted gaming, if you ask me. For the limited sound and graphics it had, it started some memorable franchises: Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man... 


Question 5 - Make one prediction about the video game industry over the next 10 years.

DRM. That is all. DRM is going to spread, as are single-use passes to reduce sales of used games. DRM will always be watching. It will watch, and it will judge you. DRM will be your Big Brother. The indie and AAA markets are going to split further and further apart, until a messiah known as Pon appears to lead gaming to its Promised Land. (Yeah, that last bit was sarcasm.)


Question 6 - Name one legendary franchise that you don't like very much.

Anything Call of Duty. It just isn't my thing. I'm terrible at multiplayer, the singleplayer isn't interesting, and I generally just don't care for it. Not to mention it's being driven into the ground. 


Question 7 - What is the most important game ever?

Why must I be tormented so? No matter what I say, someone will think I'm wrong! Oh, well. As of right now, I want to say Mass Effect. Ending debacle aside, the way it made your decisions not only MATTER, but change the course of three games, was amazing. By the end, I cared about my crew. I wanted to save the world for them, even if I wouldn't be there to see it. The combination of story, relationships, RPG, and shooter made it amazing, in my opinion.


Question 8 - What is the best video game character ever?

Exclusive to games? Samus Aran. She takes on entire PLANETS alone, and WINS. That woman belongs in the Space Marines. In games and other media? Batman. Batman beats everything. EVERYTHING.


Question 9 - What game coming out in the remainder of 2012 are you most looking forward to?

Hmmm. Dishonored and Borderlands 2! Tie. Dishonored because it looks like the most interesting new IP. The combination of technology and swords should be interesting. Steampunk, anyone? (Plus, look at that awesome dude! Robot skull faces!) Borderlands 2 because I loved the original. And the Wimoweh trailer.


Question 10 - What did you have for lunch today?

Lunch? ...I had a Strawberry Sunkist, and an ice cream bar. That was breakfast, also. Possibly dinner as well.