Admit it. This is cute.


Let's be honest: If you're active at all on GIO, you've seen at least ONE fellow member with a pony avatar. If you read the blog sections, you've probably seen blogs by such eminents--though I'm using that term lightly--as blaze6106, mray901, and TWO by anticitizen1

Now, I saw these avatars and blogs too. Being the tough, manly sort I am--again, I'm using those terms lightly--I scoffed a little under my breath. It looked girly and childish. Surely it wouldn't be any better than that HORRIBLE 1980's version? Well, SOME people--ya'll know who you are--kept posting ponies on Twitter (there's a healthy GIO community on there, you should check it out), and talking about ponies, and making pony jokes...



Obviously, either these people were completely daft, or the new show was...GOOD. So, with much nervousness and secrecy (plus a Clint Eastwood movie ready at hand in case the show girlified me), I watched an episode. Then I watched another. And another. And another.

This...this was good! It had humor, little in-jokes that only gamers or geeks would catch, it had a backstory and mythology, it had horribly annoying songs--wait, this is supposed to be a POSITIVE list, isn't it?--and it had CHARACTERS. 

Sure, they're all a LITTLE BIT girly, but there's far less stereotypical nonsense than in the 80's show. (Except Rarity. But that's another story.) Yes, many of the villains and plot twists are cheesy, but it IS a kid's show. 

The surprising thing, though? I liked this. I've never been a huge fan of cartoons--Futurama and TMNT were the only shows I've ever watched faithfully. But Friendship is Magic? I'm going to keep watching this. (I'm on Season 1, Episode 8). I like the show's humor, the art makes me d'awwwwwwwwww, and the episodes are short enough I can take a hit in between writing, or when I get sick of reviewing some terrible book.

Am I a brony? Cthulhu, no! I enjoy watching the show, and I have my best ponies (Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle). But you'll never see me drawing fanart, or wearing a pony shirt, or reading fanfic. Especially, heaven forfend, CUPCAKES. EDIT: Apparently I am a brony. That's ok, I guess.

Now, ponies aren't for everyone. But I do suggest you watch at least the first 5 or so episodes. That's about two hours. If you don't like it by then, well, you probably won't. 

Anyway, that's done. Now... I'm going to go plot world domination. (And watch ponies.) I leave you with this parting image: