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"We're gonna die!"

King spared his partner a scornful glance. "We're NOT gonna die. I'm the King, remember?"

"We've got fifty frakked-off clones on our tail and you say we--hauler!"

Navigating their stolen speeder around the cargo hauler with ease, King snorted. "I told you, Lil Jake... I'm the King. I've been doing this for years now. I'm the best there is. No one's ever caught me. We deliver this speeder to Anton, we're in the clear. He gives us the creds, we hop off-world, use that data we picked up to blackmail old Palpy, and we're set for life. For life, ya hear me?"

For some reason, Lil Jake wasn't reassured by King's pep talk. Twisting in his seat, he scanned anxiously for pursuers. "Now there's a kriffing Jedi on our tail! Do something!"

"Shut up and lemme drive!" King hunched forward over the steering console. This whole job was turning into one big bantha patty of a fiasco. First, the mark's vehicle was in the middle of clone HQ, then a frakking Jedi just happened to be around... This was smelling more and more like a setup. Maybe it was Anton, or maybe someone wanted that data they'd found. Either way, they were in deep now.

With practised skill, King tilted the speeder around a luxury transport. He could feel the speeder's engines protesting, the vibrations juddering through the steering console, into his hands, and up his arms. For such a fancy speeder, the thing's engine was a piece of junk.

A quick look in the mirror told him that they still had a tail. More than one, in fact. That frakking Jedi was in the lead, but there were at least ten troopers as well.

"Cargo drones!"

"I see them." King drove the speeder into a deep dive, dropping twenty stories in a heartbeat. Some pilots couldn't get used to operating in three dimensions. But he could. He was the King. Everything he touched turned to gold. 

Time was running out. Anton wanted this speeder ASAP. And King was going to get it to him. The Jedi was becoming an annoyance. An annoyance King didn't need on his last job. "Let's lose this nerf-herder!"

Up ahead, there was a construction zone. King gunned the speeder's protesting engine and aimed for a tangle of girders and building supplies. Force or no Force, that Jedi was gonna have to work to stay alive. 

The instant they entered the maze of metal, King knew it was a mistake. Somehow, the speeder was resisting him, bucking and kicking like it was alive. Normally, King could have handled it, but with all the hairpin turns and dodges the construction zone held, he was in deep trouble. 

He glanced into the rearview again. It was just the Jedi and two of the clones now. They were gaining on him. On him--the King! No way. No way this was happening. Not on his last job.

Suddenly, there was a burst of laser-fire. Lil Jake screamed. "They're shooting at us! They're SHOOTING at us! No, wait...They're shooting at the Jedi! What are they doing? What are they...oh frak! They just killed that Jedi! What's going on?"

King pushed the speeder a little harder, despite its protests. Whatever was happening, he wanted out. Something was going wrong, and he didn't like it.

Well, at least the clones had broken off pursuit. 

The rest of the job went easy. They swapped the speeder with Anton's credits, hopped a ship, and got off-world. Smooth. 


"Wake up, Mister King." 

Groggily, King opened his eyes. A tall man in black stood above him, blaster aiming down. 

"Oh frak! Who are you? What do you want? I'm just an honest..." The stranger had called him King. Oh frak. Oh, frak.

"You may call me Caudex. Now, shall we have a little chat about that data you 'appropriated?'"



(Yes, I'm in a story I wrote. Yes, I realize the egotisticalness of that. Yes, it's set at almost the same time as SorryJzargo's from last week, though the epilogue is a few months later.)