It was when I glanced at the clock when it hit me. It was 9:47 P.M. I had been sitting there since 6:50 reading it. It was then that I realized what had happened. I, like so many others before me, had fallen victim to Homestuck. My soul belonged to Hussie, and my social life was forfeit. And the craziest thing of them all was that I didn't mind. Not one bit.


If you've been on the Internet for a while, chances are you've at least heard it mentioned. With its legion of loyal fans and thousands of pieces of fan content, Homestuck enjoys one of the largest fan bases on the Internet. It has enjoyed popularity on the same level as the massive brony community for years now, and it keeps growing with each passing day. And as with any fandom, there are people dead set against Homestuck, who hold a hatred for all things related to it.


Some of you may be wondering, "What is Homestuck?" Homestuck is a web comic drawn and animated by Andrew Hussie, on his website It tells the story of four young children, named John, Rose, Dave and Jade, and their experiences with a game tentatively titled SBURB Beta. The story is told using a number of formats, including pictures, animated gifs, chat logs and flash games and animations. Through its 5000+ pages, Homestuck covers such subjects as gaming, time travel, war, aliens, political unrest, usurpation, demigods, genocide, the apocalypse, and life in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And I'm not even halfway done reading it yet.


So what makes this comic so popular, and what makes its fans stick around for the next update? If you ask any fans of Homestuck this question, their answers will always vary from each other. Some might say they gripping storyline, which is unlike anything else out there today. Others will say its the memorable cast of characters, who make you laugh with scenarios that you never would have imagined otherwise. To me, it is all these things and more. The great story, the witty writing, the amazing characters, the spectacular animated cutscenes, the great musical score (yes, it has one) and daring plot twists make for an experience that is unlike anything else. Hussie isn't afraid to kill off important characters in the same manner as George R.R. Martin, and as the sole writer/artist/animator and publisher, Homestuck suffers from none of the compromise that plague other related media. It has this undeniable charm to it, that makes everything it does seem original and unique.


Despite all of these positives, Hussie's comic still garners large amounts of hate from people who utterly despise it. As with any Modern fandom, their remains a very enthusiastic and vocal minority of so called "mega-fans", or more commonly known as fanboys. These fans often post messages or tweets in Homestuck's confusing troll language, which can both confuse and frustrate people unfamiliar with its confusing wording. And then there's the fact that out of context, many of the situations in the comic can be seen as downright creepy and nonsensical. This can be a huge turnoff for many, and forever sour the views of what Homestuck is in their minds.


Even if some people downright hate it, there should be no qualms about its popularity. With thousands of pieces of fan art, music, animations and fanfictions, it has a continuously growing content base, filled to the brim with creativity and talent. Several weeks ago, there was even a Kickstarter started by Andrew Hussie for an independently developed adventure game set in the Homestuck universe. He started with a modest goal of $700,000 to fund the game. As of today, it has raised $1,717,752 dollars with over 15,000 backers. And the numbers keep rising, and will continue to rise until the deadline is reached in nine days. Another interesting note: it was the explanation video attached to the Kickstarter page that convinced me to read Homestuck. The cinematic feel, the great background music and well-orchestrated scenes entranced me, like so few other trailers have.


Some of you may hate Homestuck. Its confusing storyline, obnoxious fans and utterly nonsensical nature will be a turn off for many. However, for those who enjoy it for what it is, Homestuck has no equal. It's story, characters, humor and overall breadth of content make it an unrivaled experience. And with its ending looming in the distance, it' seems like the perfect time to jump on board. If any part of it sounds appealing to you, I beg of you, at least try it. If you don't like it, then that's your opinion. Homestuck isn't for everyone, as any fan would tell you. Should you enjoy it, however, you will find yourself an experience unlike any other in existence. And maybe one day, you too shall be sitting at your computer, staring absentmindedly at the clock, wondering where all that time went. I know I did.



A/N: please don't hate me for this. After becoming a fan of Homestuck, I felt obligated to write this in an attempt to disperse of some of the hate and confusion surrounding it. I appreciate comments and constructive criticism.