As this generation of gaming consoles reaches it's twilight days, I have started to pry through my enormous backlog of games.  I have been playing a multitude of games, some of which, are glaringly bad, but still fun to play like Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, some are niche games like Deathspank, and Argarest War (at my behest), along with others are games that I flat out overlooked because of their bigger budget counterparts.


Recently, I have looked back at a game that many have likely played, called Resonance of Fate.  When I first picked up this game as Final Fantasy XIII was released, I, admittedly looked over this game and scoffed at it.  I picked it apart within the first hour or two of playing it, thinking it amateurish at best because of it's "Clunky combat system."   But, allow me to tell you now, as I play through this game, the combat system is far from clunky, a bit threadbare, but not in the least bit clunky.  Throughout the course of Resonance of Fate the player will find themselves compelled into the fight as John Woo wire-fight their way through hordes of unsuspecting foes, with amazing grace and surprising tactical game play.  The only thing that's missing from this game is the white doves fluttering out from behind the heroes as they enter the battlefield, but I'm only 4 chapters in so far, so I'm holding my breath on that.  


I admit, there could be a great deal more to the combat, but I said the same thing about X-COM: Enemy unknown, and whenever I said that, it cost my the life of one of my precious squaddies, much the same as it typically kills Zephyr, Leanne, or Vashryon.  However, don't assume that this game is anywhere near easy.  If you do not spend the time getting to know the basic game mechanics, it will be a grueling time playing this game, and you will complain about it non-stop, because the death, after death, after painful death may hinder those who do not enjoy a challenge.  This game, much like X-COM, and Dark Souls, is not for the weak of heart, however, I often times I find myself chuckling as their hero gauge become depleted and they have to high tail it around the battlefield quaking in their boots, which completely removes all angst from the constant, and repeated Game Over screens I see.  


I strongly recommend that fans of Strategy games, and RPG's alike try out this game if you haven't already.  I will have a review on it up as soon as I finish the game.